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    Anybody eat one meal a day?

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    Question is in the title, but I guess some background/reasoning would help.

    I'm trying to balance the primal lifestyle with my typical college setting: dorm room, meal plan, etc. I didn't do too badly with primal last semester but a few of the food sources I used to rely on have changed or disappeared. I know I can count on pretty much unlimited meat and vegetables for dinner every day. There are usually also "safe starches" available. I tolerate them well and will be lifting weights almost every day so I'll probably eat them a lot.

    I know a lot of people are fans of intermittent fasting (I'm a fan of the 16/8 leangains style) but this would be a little more extreme. I would essentially be eating one massive meal around 7:30-8 every night. It's convenient and I don't expect problems with hunger throughout the day. So while I know fasting has health/physique benefits, could this potentially be too much of a good thing?

    I know this is a huge issue, so if anyone has tried this please comment on anything you observed or experienced. I'm specifically interested in total protein intake, exercise recovery, and energy levels throughout the day.

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    I've tried it for a few days at a time and felt fine, so long as I got enough calories during my large meal. I found eating a small breakfast, skipping lunch, then eating a large dinner works best for me. I usually work out just before dinner.

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    two meals a day? yeah, definitely. one meal a day? nope, not for me.

    my question is... is it convenient? i would need to sock away so many calories at that meal, i think it would be sort of annoying to have to eat that much in one sitting, and then deal with the digestion. plus i like food to much to limit it to once a day!

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    I see the appeal, and if I were still in college I would probably try it.

    that said, I'm out [ waaaay out], and love food. so right now i'm just trying to wean myself off a few bad carbs and I just fast one day a week..

    I'm sure they wouldn't mind upgrading your food plan if you changed your mind mid-semester.

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    i eat a LOT of protein for my size and even on days i do a 24 hour fast i've noticed that i still desire that same amount of protein (around 1 g/ lb body weight)... when i'm eating a single big meal it's usually easy to get that amount in, but a few hours later i kind of feel bad. i find it easier to eat 2 meals per day, or to cycle the protein intake so that maybe the day before i do 2 meals and get "too much" protein and the one meal day i get slightly too little. long run balance is key for me.

    that being said you may do just fine. my digestive fire isn't exactly the hottest all the time. but that's been my experience.
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    Monday through friday I eat only dinner. I do however have a scoop of muscle milk protein powder in water around 1 each day after my hour+ work out. Not sure iof that counts as a meal or not.
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    It did not work for me, as I got too depleted to train in the afternoon.
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    I've always wondered if you can bring a container in and stuff a 2nd helping into it before you leave, then slip the container into your backpack, or do they have people policing against that sort of thing?
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    I've been experimenting with 1 meal a day. It's been a week and I LOVE it.
    I'm exercising in the morning, then eating lunch. I'm sedatary and not going to the gym - so I don't need that many calories (1200 - 1800)
    I'm prediabetic, so I only eat about 20-30g of carbs a day and 90g of protein - so the rest of the calories is fat.

    This is working fine for me - but I do notice that if I eat lighter meats(non red meat) I get hungry in the middle of the night, where as, if I eat red meat, I don't get hungry until I finish exercising the next day.

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