My local grocery store (HEB) has started doing something I haven't seen anywhere else: giving out coupons based on what you just bought, INCLUDING meat and produce coupons. They hand it to you with your receipt and it seems to be based on what it was you bought. My husband body his body wash and such and got a coupon for his specific brand of body wash. I bought fajita makings (well, fajita salad makings for me + tortillas for him) and got back a $2 off any fresh produce, $2 off their in store made tortillas, and $1/ lb off meats. Later, I went back in and used the meat and veggie coupons and got two $2 veggie coupons back.
I really hope other stores/ chains start picking up on this, as it's a pretty awesome idea.

(Yes, yes, I know CSAs and farmer's markets are better, but this is still pretty cool and handy for when the farmer's market is closed for winter.)