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Thread: RE: A bloat/size change question

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    RE: A bloat/size change question

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    Hi all;

    Sorry - this is a little bit off topic, but I'm hoping for a little help regarding measurements.

    I had to get measured for a bridesmaid dress today . The measurement put me in a dress that is about 4 sizes bigger than normal. In fact, it is the same size bridesmaid dress that was ordered for me when I weighed 50 lbs more than I do now. I know they frequently run quite a bit smaller than vanity sized clothes, but it still seems a little off.

    Here is my question - two days before I was measured I ate a salty, wheat-filled, completely non-primal meal - actually two of them. I am most definitely gassy and bloated today.

    Does anyone have a good sense of how many inches they change when they are bloated from wheat and other non-primal foods? I don't actually care about the dress size, but I don't want to pay for a ton of alterations if it is just because I am bloated. Each inch on your waist and bust equals one dress size. So if it is possible to bloat a couple of inches in your belly then I may be ordering a couple sizes too big.

    Thanks so much for your help! The order gets sent out of Friday so I still have time to make changes.

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    I can easily see a 2-3" swing, and go from looking normal to 6 months pregnant - pretty huge change. I normally measure holding my abs tight, since I normally wear nice clothes that way, b/c I don't want everyone asking if I'm pregnant when I'm just bloated!
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    I agree with MamaGrok I can easily bloat a few inches.

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    Thanks to both of you It's a little stressful since I am already spending $200 on a dress I don't like for a wedding I'm not thrilled about. I live across the country so I can't see or try on any of the dresses. I hate the idea of lots of alterations on top of it. I wear a size 4-6 in US sizes (Banana republic jeans and dresses). I know banana republic is really bad with the vanity sizing so I expected to be a 10. But I sized in at a 14 for this dress. If I am 2-3 inches bloated that puts me more around an 8-10.

    Oy vey - what a pain!!

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    Get re-measured, and make sure the measurements are taken correctly. My friend let her future mother in law do her measurements before ordering her custom dress, she thought she measured the wrong spots but didn't speak up, and the dress was a horrible fit and needed major alterations.

    And on the bloat: My inflammation flared up after a smidge of nightshades and more notably canola oil from cheats this weekend and it swung my weight up FOUR POUNDS. From goddamn canola oil and paprika! Fat, itchy, and tired. So yeah, let your body clear the junk out, then get re-measured.

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    For every extra gram of carb you ingest, 3g of water attaches itself to it. So, if you ate 300g of carb more than usual you can add another 900g water on top of that. That's nearly 1 kilo of bloat! Plus the salt... That's why we lose so much the first week or so after cutting carbs, we also lose all the water that was attached to it.

    Yep, cut the carbs and get remeasured

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    Up to 9lbs of bloat for me until I gave up corn, legumes, deadly nightshade, cow's dairy. Perhaps 2 inches on the waistline.

    It was even more noticeable when I used to eat gluten-containing grains.

    If you have food intolerances, weight fluctuations due to the water retention from that can be much more significant than the fluctuations in glycogen + associated water in the muscles.

    Also cardio exercise can cause a bit of bloating from the histamine released.

    For example, I exercise a lot and now my weight only fluctuates by 2-3 lbs from day to day, whereas with food intolerances it was 6-9 lbs.
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    Anytime I eat ANYTHING from Costco prepared foods, my rings don't fit the next day and my skin is waxy. I flush it out with my water concoctions...I take about 3 cups of water and add ONE of the following: 1/4 cup coconut water, a lemon/ACV/stevia mix (tastes like lemonade/kombucha), 1/4cup unsweetened cranberry juice, or touch of green tea. I sip on these and they get me peeing immediately; by afternoon I feel much better.

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    I agree, get re-measured. Also, is there any chance of trying on a similar dress at a bridal shop near you? Preferably same brand or at least same style. It would give you a better idea of what size you really wear. It's not unusual to need one to two sizes bigger in a formal dress, but certainly not a 14 if you are typically a 4/6.

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    Thanks everyone. I am eating properly for a couple days and then going in to get remeasured.

    I really like the idea of finding a similar dress in town and trying it on. I think I will call the bridal salon and get the name of the dress and try that.

    There is another possibility - I guess I could have put on a few pounds and my clothes have just stretched a bit? I hope not! I'm just going to clean up my eating for a few days before I dare step on the scale

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