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Thread: are parsnips ok for fat loss?

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    are parsnips ok for fat loss?

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    as the title says, are parsnips ok for fat loss? i recently saw that they have a high GI rating so i'm a little cautious right now. any stories of people still losing fat while eating these delicious cousins of the carrot?

    any info would be helpful!

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    Sure, but best after a strenuous workout like "lift heavy things"
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    Ignore GI level. It the grand scheme of things, it has little to do with fat loss.

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    How do you eat them. If you fry them, you might caramelize the sugar and it would be equivalent to oven-roasting yams. But parsnips aren't really high glycemic. The issue is really sugar/fructose ... though in small/moderate doses ... compared to safe starches like yams/sweet potatoes, which do not have much sugar, despite the sweet taste when they're caramelized. If sugar is your issue, I would see if I can handle turnips. If not, then no parsnips.

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    Peel, steam, and mash with butter, a little black pepper, and some lime juice. Trust me.

    The trick is keeping it to once a week.

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