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Thread: Did my first IF yesterday!

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    Did my first IF yesterday!

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    And I'm stunned I was able to do it, and how manageable it was. I ate dinner at 6pm, then didn't eat all the next day until 6pm the next day. I felt some periods of slight hunger, but no desperation to eat. And when heading home from work, I felt really quite energized. I did a weights circuit just before dinner then broke the fast.

    What I find interesting about it is that I've been a hypoglycemic since childhood, and always ate every 2-3 hours during the day (lots of blood sugar lows). I really doubted I could go a whole day without eating. Since going primal I haven't had any hypoglycemia symptoms at all and have been able to stretch out meals, sometimes not eating between meals, making me think that possibly I haven't been hypoglycemic; maybe sugar & starch just induce hypoglycemia-type symptoms in me.

    I think I'll do an intermittent fast every week, maybe twice a week!

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    For me it was a weekend of Battle Assembly(I'm in the Army Reserve) that started me on IF. I knew the food was going to be terrible so I took it as an opportunity to try it out. I ate regularly(Primal) on Friday, but then only ate dinner the next two days. I liked it so much that I've since been doing dinner to dinner IF everyday since then. I had a slight headache for two days the first week, but after looking in the forums and figuring out that it's normal(carb flu) I pressed on with no problems. My energy is very level and I find it to be simple and enjoyable to just plan for one good meal!
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    Congrad's Larabelle on your first IF. As of writting this reply I'm about 22 hours into my first IF. I do agree that it isn't terrible hard to do (so far). I find when I'm idle I think I'm very hungry(aka starving), but the minute I get busy I forget all about my hunger. I'm a type 2 and real happy with how my body has responded to going primal too. My doctor had told me to eat 6 meals a day, so yea CW isn't all its cracked-up to be.

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