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    No fruit?

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    Hi. I'm pretty new to this (Day 4) but have been reading a lot of the forums and journals for quite some time. I noticed that most of the people don't seem to be eating any fruit (avocados and tomatoes excepted). Is that okay? Not feeling like I need that apple a day and the soaked walnuts seem to be enough. Just checking.

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    IOther than avocados and tomatoes(they are really out of season now) I have apples in my kitchen. I ate one 2 weeks ago on a lift heavy things day. but they usually go bad before I want one.
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    Fruit is not really needed for anything much. If you want some fruit, go ahead. If you don't then don't. It's really not an issue either way.

    The antioxidants and vitamin c found in fruit can be attained via vegetables just as easy. The fructose content of the fruit won't kill you or make you fat (unless you eat quite a lot of it). Regardless what anyone sais really.

    EDIT: Just to be sure we're talking about whole food here. Juice is crap.

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    I've seen this alot too... the interesting thing is that usually what people mean is no sweet fruits. They're usually eating quite a few fruits in the form of tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, olives, squashes, and peppers... all of which give you wonderful nutrition without the copious amounts of fructose you get in, say, a banana or an orange.

    If you eat lots of food from plants in a good variety of colors, along with plenty of meat and healthy fat, you're getting great nutrition. If your goal is to lose weight, it's a good idea to avoid things that taste sweet for a while... including fruit. I hope that answers your question.

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    Nothing wrong with fruit in moderation. Fruit is lower toxin than most vegetables - it's the only thing that WANTS you to eat it. Do you have to be VLC for some reason? Are you trying to get ripped? Or are you just trying to get healthy and lose some weight in the process? If you're trying to get healthy and drop some weight, an apple a day isn't going to stop that. I cycle my carbs, so four days a week I'll eat no fruit and then three days a week I'll eat 2-3 apples. I tend to do fruit pre-workout and starch post-workout, but that's me.
    Quote Originally Posted by Danielle5690 View Post
    all of which give you wonderful nutrition without the copious amounts of fructose you get in, say, a banana or an orange.
    The fructose in whole fruits vs the fructose in isolated, man-made white sugar are two totally different things. Boiled, processed honey has been shown to be no different than poisonous white sugar, but raw honey, which is not processed and contains all the natural enzymes of the honey, has been shown to leave triglycerides largely unaffected. 5g of fructose from a banana cannot be compared to 5g of fructose from isolated sugar in any way. It's not fair to view fructose as evil in a whole-food context. Isolated fructose is bad, but you're not going to notice small quantities from fruit. It's not like you're eating 30 bananas a day, right?
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    I only avoid fruit because I have a control problem with it, due to the way I was raised (little to no fruit available for most of the year, then we'd go to the 'south' and eat it by the bucket, so I still can't stop eating it when available.) If you have no such problems, and not watching your macros like a hawk, 'fruit' fruit is perfectly good.
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    I eat fruit on occasion. Maybe a couple pieces a week. Sometimes I just want something fresh and sweet. Some days I have no desire for it. I know fruit has sugar in it- but I can fit in fruit and still be under 50 grams of carbs in a day. Plus it doesn't trigger raging hunger for me like some sugars do. It is weird to see the anti fruit here, I imagine that the people that dislike it have a bad reaction to it in some way.

    I mean, the diet is about eating like primal people- I assume they ate berries and the like. But common sense tells you that if you want to lose weight, you probably can't have unlimited amounts of anything, and fruit can be kind of easy to overeat if you wanted to.

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    I eat apples and berries. Sometimes melon too. Just depends on what's around and in season.

    Whole fruit can be great, but I'm not a fan of juices. Too easy to get a crapload of sugar with none of the other good parts.
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    It's one of the things that made Primal so easy for me - aside from berries I never liked fruit anyway, but always thought it was something I had to eat for my health. It's a relief to know I never have to gag down another banana or apple.

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    I don't eat much fruit

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