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Thread: Saturated fats-Mark's article

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    Saturated fats-Mark's article

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    Dear Mark: Saturated Fat | Mark's Daily Apple

    This article made me think about this issue. I certainly can't find grass-fed meat in my country, and organic is pretty easy to come by. But it's not that. The thing that bothered me is that it was mentioned in the article that the fat storages in an animal carry the highest load of antibiotics, pesticides and so on.
    That means that if I can't find organic and or grass-fed meat, I'm better off eating the leaner portions of the meat, is that so?

    I'd like to hear your thoughts about this issue.

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    I would generally suggest eating leaner meat if it's conventionally fed and moderately to somewhat heavier fat meat if it's grass fed. It's not just the toxin load in the fat (honestly, I'm not sure how much that really bothers me), for me it's more the yucky fatty acid profile in grain fed meat.

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