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Thread: Primal Journal (Project Frankie)

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    Primal Journal (Project Frankie)

    Hi there. My name’s Frankie.

    I’m a 46 year old single working mum of two teenagers (well one is almost a teenager), living in Perth, Australia.

    In 1992 I suffered a whiplash injury, which triggered the onset of Fibromyalgia (FMS).

    I’ve managed so far. In a lot of pain and fatigued most of the time but managed to make it through a house, husband two kids and divorce.

    Apart from the FMS, never really had a problem with my weight, although I have been ‘skinny fat’. I’m very ‘gangly’ and fine boned so when I have a ‘healthy’ bodyfat, ie 25% or less I am very thin. I just don’t have any muscle mass. This allowed my weight to creep up gradually over the ten years I’ve been a single mum, as I just didn’t look big, even when my bodyfat was into the 30’s I was still only a size 12-14 jeans (Australian size).

    My weight was in the high 50’s/low 60’s (kgs) most of my adult life. Even after I had the kids I was still hovering in the mid 60’s. But, since I divorced, went back to work, started studying (got more than half way through an Exercise Science degree and then decided that stress was ruining my health) and looking after the kids on my own I became more and more inactive, my FMS is out of control, my exercise time is NIL and my eating habits are crap.

    I’m 5’9” and 85kg (187lb) with 44% bodyfat (this is from a DEXA scan, not just the scales). I am considered obese. I was considered overweight when I ‘looked slim’.

    So to get down to a healthy bodyfat range….I have LOT of work to do. I need to eat well and exercise. I need to build some muscle mass. I need to reduce my stress levels.

    I need to change my life!!!

    Over the past month, while on summer holidays I’ve been reading…and reading…and reading. I’ve read everything I could get my hands on regarding paleo/primal lifestyle and I’m convinced it’s 1. Right. 2. For me.

    My reading started with Mark’s Primal Blueprint and carried on from there. I am armed with an iPad full of recipes, a workout routine and a google reader full of paleo blogs.

    And now I am here I’ve been off grains and sugars for two weeks (and have dropped 3kg and 6cm from my waist).

    I want to lose at least 20kg (44lb) to see my weight at around 65kg (143lb). I want to be strong! I want to be pain free! I want to be full of energy!!!!

    Yeah…I want a LOT.


    Height 5’9”
    SW 87.7kg (193lb)
    CW 84.7kg(186lb)
    GW 65kg (143lb)

    Here we go!

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