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Thread: Primal Journal (Project Frankie)

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    Hi Frankie,
    Yes, it does...I don't struggle with it as much as others. Walking definitely seems to help. And stretching. I've been amazed at how much better I feel when I give up the grains/sugar, etc. It's been really hard for me to lose weight--had a baby at 42, was almost rid of the baby weight, but it was so slower (than before that pregnancy). Then I gained 30 pounds really rapidly, when I took 3 cycles of prednisone. I also started a sedentary job (that I despise) when my daughter was 18 months old (all the weight gain was after that). I think a new job...more exercise....combined with Primal is what I need. I was not good this past weekend---Easter and we were out of town visiting my older son, but I need to get back on it. I feel SO much better and I believe it's the only way I'll lose weight. I've been Primal again today...and plan to continue! I need to have a contingency plan for "events". Like a baby shower for my older daughter this Thursday at Olive Garden, and for upcoming wedding showers, etc. And holidays. Any tips?

    Hope you're doing well!!

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    HI Tandi. For some reason I don't get notifications when someone posts, apologies for late response.

    I am terrible with events! This week was mother's day and my daughter 16th and my primal eating went out the door. Bad excuse I know! I have had to put walking on the back burner now as having awful problems with my core and also my sacrum is very unstable. All from years of inactivity. Gotta crawl before I can walk..literally!

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