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Thread: Infomation about Primal in Japanese or Chinese?

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    Infomation about Primal in Japanese or Chinese?

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    I'm guessing there is not much out there but does anyone know of any Japanese or Chinese webpages, blogs, books etc on primal/paleo health and nutrition? Or if any translations are available? I'm currently learning both languages and would appreciate reading about primal/paleo nutrition in those languages.

    If nothing else, what are some good (English) books on primal/paleo health and nutrition?

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    There is a post in the Primal Resources called Primal thinking in Japan
    they mentioned how to look it up in Japanese and there is a blog link to a member that is currently living in Japan, and says he will work on making it bi-lingual. I'd be interested as well in the Japanese part because it is a language I'd like to keep practicing.

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    Don't abandon the Japanese diet. It's one of the healthiest there are. Just pass on the wheat products (らめん,うどん, パンコ) - そば is OK. Also, if possible, stay away from しょうゆ, but get たまりしょうゆ instead.

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