So I'm 3 weeks into eating Primal/Clean. I have given up sugar, grains and all processed foods. Not one single migraine or headache in the past 3 weeks. This experience has been amazing to say the least. For the first time in my life (I'm quite certain!) I LOST weight during *that* time of the month. I did not have cravings and therefore didn't feel the need to cheat. I've attended 3 social events that had cookies/pizza/chips etc... and I have not had any. That is pretty miraculous in and of itself. Most importantly, I don't want it. Not at all. I have to say how much that part has shocked me. I've never felt so satisfied and really not a desire to have the poor food choices. Today I refused the chips and pizza. Instead, when I stopped at the farmer's market on the way home, I indulged in a wonderful pound of pulled pork and fresh veggies/fruit. My treat was a great Pink Lady apple! I am not foolish to believe it will always be this easy....or will it?! I'm encouraged and can't wait to get deeper into the Primal way of life!!! Oh! Almost forgot! Lost 8lbs!!