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Thread: So many firsts!! LOVE this choice I've made!!!

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    Red face So many firsts!! LOVE this choice I've made!!!

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    So I'm 3 weeks into eating Primal/Clean. I have given up sugar, grains and all processed foods. Not one single migraine or headache in the past 3 weeks. This experience has been amazing to say the least. For the first time in my life (I'm quite certain!) I LOST weight during *that* time of the month. I did not have cravings and therefore didn't feel the need to cheat. I've attended 3 social events that had cookies/pizza/chips etc... and I have not had any. That is pretty miraculous in and of itself. Most importantly, I don't want it. Not at all. I have to say how much that part has shocked me. I've never felt so satisfied and really not a desire to have the poor food choices. Today I refused the chips and pizza. Instead, when I stopped at the farmer's market on the way home, I indulged in a wonderful pound of pulled pork and fresh veggies/fruit. My treat was a great Pink Lady apple! I am not foolish to believe it will always be this easy....or will it?! I'm encouraged and can't wait to get deeper into the Primal way of life!!! Oh! Almost forgot! Lost 8lbs!!

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    Way to go, do you have a lot to lose?
    It could be this easy for you, some seem to do well straight away, others have to tweak things a little it seems

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    I've got 40lbs. more to go. 5'8", started at 198lbs. I'll be happy at 150--anything lower and I'll just be so damn excited! LOL!

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    awesome! keep it up!

    remember apples have 40-50g carbs .. grab some berries or something with some antioxidants and less carbs it will make u just as happy!
    started at 310 July 23rd 2011 ... workin and workin!

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    Quote Originally Posted by touchdowntodd View Post
    awesome! keep it up!

    remember apples have 40-50g carbs .. grab some berries or something with some antioxidants and less carbs it will make u just as happy!
    I think it's more like 30g for a large apple, 20-25 for a medium/small apple. Just adding that so people don't freak out!

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    Back2Basix, I'm about four weeks in now, and like you and having a GREAT time with this! I do love all the firsts, for both me and my DH. I started about a week before him, but he's progressing with his health more dramatically - which I'm THRILLED about because he was soooooooo sick, but now he's his old self and even better!

    I really thought it would be hard to give up the grains and sugars, being a self professed carbololic, but honestly, within a day or two I was feeling so much better - more energy, clarity, etc. - that I decided that even if I never lost even one ounce, I would never go back to the way I was eating before. I had no idea how bad I was feeling until I started feeling as good as I'm feeling.

    On my treat list - very small amounts of macademia nuts and TJ's 85% dark chocolate. The other day I had an ice cold pear that was so juicy and sweet, it was better than any ice cream could've ever dreamed of being!

    I think I've lost maybe 4-5 lbs. - I don't have a bathroom scale. I'm almost 50 and in menopause so for me I think that's great. I'd like to lose about 15-20 more lbs., but it's funny - it really doesn't take first priority anymore. Feeling great is definitely first priority - and for me that's a first!

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    Great to hear it Rodulu! It just keeps getting better. I'm about 2 mos. in now. Weight loss is slow--but I'm almost 44 years old so not surprised by that. Still feeling SO good!!I hope it continues to go well for you--I've found that I react a lot more negatively with sugars than ever before. No headaches at all when I don't have any--but if I have some (damn those cookies I baked for the kids!) then its straight back to headaches. No fun--NOT worth it! I find that helps me to say no thank you! It's strawberry season here in central FL so I'm loving that of course--I agree with you--a really great piece of fruit makes me feel like a million bucks! Worth the extra good carbs those days!

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    Great going, @backtobasix. Popping in to say, I'm almost 43 and 5'8" and it sounds like we have similar goals. *fist bump* My headaches/ migraines have vastly improved too, thank goodness, and I generally feel awesome health-wise all the time. The primal WOL is great, I agree!

    So jealous of your strawberry season! Enjoy.

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    Congrats!!! You are doing great!!! Many things that tempted me before no longer do. I have a handful of things I expect I'll eventually cheat with. But, for now I'm still satisfied. I want to feel good far more than I want something non-paleo. Welcome to primal living!
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    it does get easier...once the progress starts and once your body "likes" being on a primal fuel source, the sweet stuff just doesn't satisfy like it used to.

    way to go!

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