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Thread: Very low carb limit

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    Very low carb limit

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    Hi everyone

    Nearly at the end of my second week, made the mistake of jumping on the scales and from Thursday last week to now i have put on 4 lbs, could be because i aint done much since Tuesday or could be i usually weigh myself first thing and my body is playing silly buggers with me or it could be i started to add back in some carbs fealt i needed some fruit in my diet and low and behold bang 4lbs back on.

    I think i must have a very low freshold for carbs and i will need to go back to just getting carbs from veg and dairy, got to have my greek style yogurt its the only probiotics i get.

    Any ways back on strict carbs limit from the morning.

    enough of a moan, thanks for listening


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    Don't worry about it Michael, I started 2/1/2012. I'd lost a fair amount of weight by friday 6/1 but I'm assuming most of that was just water retention. Anyway, my weight went up (very slightly) each day sat-tuesday so I'd put back on 3lbs. Since then it's been going down again. As most threads tell you on here, bodyweight fluctuates massively anyway so that might be it anyway. The only reason I'm tracking via weight as well as waist is because I clearly need to lose weight. So the scales stay for the moment for me.

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    i find it is probably better to track weight on a weekly basis rather than worrying about the day to day fluctuations. i can have a great day and still put on a pound, then have a really rubbish day and lose. I'm quite sad and track my weight in an excel spreadsheet... that way even if it goes up every so often, so long as the graph is trending downwards in general i'm happy!

    Also, I've found primal easier to stick to long term (have been primal since May 2011) when I found my comfort level with carbs. I lose weight less quickly when i eat fruit (and dairy in my case), but i like my life better and feel healthier when i include it in my diet.

    Don't beat yourself up too much - you are doing brilliantly already by starting this and taking it seriously
    Starting Date: 21st May 2011
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