Does anyone have any advice on healing a digestive system so that you can move away from the FODMAPS protocol?

For the last 7 years I have been experimenting with foods due to chronic health problems, gluten free 100% the whole time, had candida issues, have been essentially primal for 5 years, etc. While I have improved 100 times over, I am still sensitive to so many things. I feel like I am chronically on a low carb regime with extremely restrictive food choices. I have taken numerous anti fungals (not prescription), taken every probiotic I think on the shelf, and I try and eat fermented foods (or at least ones I can still eat). I go to acupuncture quite often and she targets my digestive issues every time (for the last 6 months I have gone about 3 times a month).

About 9 months ago I found out about fructose malabsorption and went on the FODMAPS protocol with great success (seemed like the last big missing piece of the puzzle). I am super sensitive to pretty much all fruits, even berries, along with honey, legumes, coconut milk, and quite a few veggies (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, onions, garlic, etc).

So my current food plan is meats, some veggies, no fruit. I do dairy off and on, I seem to be okay with full fat products, and I do potatoes and occasionally rice as starches (no sweet potatoes).

I am on a clean 30 this month with my local paleo group, and frankly I feel SUPER restricted. No potatoes, no dairy, no meat and some veggies only. My calories have been too low as I am just getting frustrated and skipping meals. This is making me realize how much I need to move forward from this current state.

I am trying a coconut water kefir as my latest probiotic and continuing the acupuncture. I also take fish oil and vit d. Can anyone suggest anything else to help me 'heal' rather then just get by? I DO feel good on my current diet regime, but I just cannot see this as being a long term solution.