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Thread: Primal Challenge Journal - Johnny767

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    Primal Challenge Journal - Johnny767

    In 2010, I read the Primal blueprint and was born again. I stuck at it for 6 months or so, and the transformation was amazing; not just physically , but in terms of general well being and health.

    Picture November 2010

    With a change of job and country, I got derailed and have got backwards ever since. At the back of my mind, I knew that it would be 2012 that would make the difference – it would be the start of the new way of living the rest of my life.

    Picture 8 January 2012

    Age: 51
    Height; 6 feet I inch
    Weight; 227 lbs (103 Kg)


    Goals for the next five weeks:

    Back into 36 inch jeans
    No; sugar, grains, legumes, dairy, bread, soy, coffee and eggs (long story) or alcohol
    60 push-ups (only managed 12 today)
    Carbs average less than 50 grams per day

    By the end of the year; 34 inch jeans , 200pounds (91Kg) and a six-pack!

    During 2012, I want to get as close as I can, to being the person that I can be. I want to get into the best physical shape of my life; to push the boundaries and really engage with life.
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