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Thread: Acai Berry Diet

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    Acai Berry Diet

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    Came across this today whilst browsing the web -> LifeStyleSolutionToday - Diet Trends: A look at the UK's Top Diets

    So what do you think about these kinds of products? It seems like some of them might actually work for some people, but are they really that great?
    And you don't have to worry, I'm not going to buy it. I've lost enough weight in this pregnancy as it is!
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    I think it's Dr. Harris on the Archevore site that says there's no such thing as a magic food. He means there's no strange berry living in some tropical forest waiting to be discovered as the key to human health and vitality. We are capable of getting what we need from the paleolithic array of foods with no added magic ingredients.
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    This one debunks acai and gave me a few laughs as well:
    How Super is a Super Berry? | Roman Fitness Systems
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lila Laureen View Post
    The acai berry has many benefits that I don't know where to start. First of all, it brings about a vast improvement to the health of any person who takes it regularly. To get the benefits of this one fruit, you would have to eat a combination of many other fruits, vegetables, and other supplements. But the acai berry alone contains multiple nutrients that our bodies need.
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