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    Portland cave people

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    I just moved here to Portland, Tualitan to be exact, today and I am starting my primal life today as well. I've been researching for a while but figured the move day would be a grear start day as well. Anyway, I don't know a soul in this part of the country and well... that doesn't fly with me! So this is a shout out to all the Groks and Grokettes here, where are you?!

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    I'm about 120 miles east of you, but came from Vancouver/Portland Metro and used to work out in your neck of the woods. Found a GREAT paleo-friendly MD in Hood River. Welcome to the Great Pacific NorthWET. I think we have the snow you're supposed to get today.
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    Hi PaleoBear,

    Welcome. I'm up in the SW PDX/Beaverton area. I'm planning on attending the Primal Blueprint Transformation Seminiar on 1/30.

    Working my way thorugh the PB books and working on easing myself into the PB lifestyle.


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    I wished i could say im from beaver I was excited when i saw Portland but i live in the right coast Portland.

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    Shout out from Tigard...Enjoying the rain:-)

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    80 miles or so south of you in Corvallis. Tualatin has an epic whole foods market on Upper Boones Ferry Rd. Also hit up road runner sports one exit south of that on lower boones ferry for some minimalist running shoes if that's your thing. Portland farmer's market rocks-- right now it's in winter mode, lots of meat, google it up-- saturdays 10-2. summer mode is much more epic. As was said before, welcome to the pacific northWET... it's a great time to fall in love with cod liver oil (vitamin D supplements). we visit tualatin once every few weeks for a whole foods restore, you picked a very convenient place!
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    Howdy from Rivergrove, we are just a few miles downriver from you. I could actually kayak to that Whole Foods from my house. Welcome, to the NW. Everything ASmallOne said above.

    Learn to love walking in the rain!!!
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    We just moved to West Linn, not too far from you, just this past year. I am just getting into this new diet/lifestyle, and also heading to the seminar tonight, hoping to meet some new people too...

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