I want to know, is there anybody in the Southern Indiana area who would be willing to help me out? I could use an actual person to talk to, face to face, instead of just a computer screen. My problem is, I feel like I don't have the motivation I need to keep with this long enough for it to become habit. When I quit smoking, I did it not because i finally decided that my health was a good enough reason to quit, I did it because my boyfriend told me to think of our future together, and that was the push I needed.

Where he has no ill things to say about me trying this lifestyle, he doesn't honestly care that I do this diet. He has no issues with me as I am, and doesn't care if i'm skinny or big. Yes, he wants me to be healthy, but he things i'm doing this JUST to loose weight. I explained that the purpose of this lifestyle is to become healthy, that the weight loss is just a pleasant side-effect (basically). He does support me in my efforts, but not in the way he did with my quitting smoking. Does that make sense? He doesn't like diets, and he sees this as just another diet, not a lifestyle. It doesn't help that both times i've said i'm doing this, i've not stuck with it. The first time was due to lack of money and a fundamental inability to attain the proper foods to eat, therefore unable to stick to the guidelines of the lifestyle. basically i was surrounded by bready sugary foods, and couldn't afford to buy my own veggies and meats, and had no say in the shopping to be able to take out the breads and sugars completely. Right now, it's simply me getting used to my budget, so sometimes I have to fall back on what's available, which does sometimes end up being bready things. That, and I have a head cold, so it's all I can do to stay awake and alert at work without worrying about what i'll have for lunch. I do still choose salad over a sandwich if those are the only two choices, but not so much meat lately.

I digress. what i'm looking for is somebody i can talk to in person, basically a friend, who is doing the same thing as me, and can give me the moral support I need. Hell, i'd even be willing to pay for therapy to figure out why i don't seem to have the motivation to do this for myself, by myself, without an outward shove. I'd also like somebody who can go on walks/bike rides/bowling/roller skating/etc with me. I need some major help here. i've accepted this fact, and i'm reaching out for it. I'm willing to do whatever I need to to accomplish my goals. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!