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Thread: My experience at the Doctor's office

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    My experience at the Doctor's office

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    I'm 30 and I went for a check up and the nurse asked me 3x what medications I was on. She was befuddled each time when I answered that I wasn't taking anything. My doctor asked me 2x as well and when my blood work results came back said nothing more on the subject (I don't have them on hand atm). Still, this was a bewildering experience, are most of their patients on something? Is it normal that people my age on are on xyz drugs? I'm 6'2 240, but I'm built like a linebacker so my weight isn't a concern at this point.
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    I don't think I would say it's normal for a 30 yr old (or anyone else) to be on a lot of meds, but I think the medical community as a whole, expects it ... can't help but wonder if that is also a result of the buy in for big pharm. I've always felt the SAD concept of American medicine is not on wellness, but on the bandaid approach of fixing everything with pharmaceuticals that generally cause more harm than good.

    Weird that they didn't give you a copy of your blood work, I've only had one office to not offer a copy ... and I waited at the desk for them to make a copy and then paid my bill.
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    Check out some statistics:
    Study shows more Americans taking prescription drugs -

    "For the first time, it appears that more than half of all insured Americans are taking prescription medicines regularly for chronic health problems, a study shows.

    The most widely used drugs are those to lower high blood pressure and cholesterol — problems often linked to heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

    Medication use for chronic problems was seen in all demographic groups:

    • Almost two-thirds of women 20 and older.

    • One in four children and teenagers.

    • 52% of adult men.

    • Three out of four people 65 or older.

    Among seniors, 28% of women and nearly 22% of men take five or more medicines regularly."

    It's certainly true that, in this instance, "typical" is not the same as "normal"!
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    I'm a physician assistant student and if a 30 year old told me he didn't take any meds, I wouldn't be surprised. If a 50 year old said the same thing, I'd be very surprised!

    Although, many 30 year olds take things like antihistamines or nasal steroids regularly for allergies. Oh, or antidepressants. Very common.

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    There is no end to the documentation about big pharma and their stranglehold on the mainstream Amerikan public. The majority of people believe that their doctor has their best interest in mind, but obviously that is not the case. how many pepople die every year from misdiagnosed prescriptions, and so on. There is an epidemic of LEGAL drugs being prescribed and killing people annually, and nobody wants to acknowledge it.

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    I am 56 and take no medications
    Hope to keep it that way

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    I used to work in a doctor's office, and it could be they are just making sure. It's not uncommon to ask someone if they are taking medications and they say no - only to add in later (usually when leavign) "Oh, but I do take xyz" - which can pose problems with drug interactions, give clues as to other symptoms, etc. We always had to ask certain questions, like current medications more than once, just to make sure that we covered our own butt.

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    They ask me every time I go in. I always tell them no. They never react. Just mark it in my chart. Maybe there was something in your blood test to make them skeptical.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maillade View Post
    I am 56 and take no medications
    Hope to keep it that way

    I'm 64 and aside from the occasional course of antibotics after an injury or cat/dog bite, I've never taken prescription meds either.

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    my grandma is 94 and she won't take any medications her doc tries to proscribe her. She has arthritis but she does not to take pain meds to control it. She gardens every day, drives a car, and mows the lawn, shes incredible.

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