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Thread: New Poor College Student, Advice needed!

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    Cat Grok - if you already haven't stumbled on Chocotaco's posts in this forum, you might find it helpful to check them out. He posts frequently, so be prepared to spend some time..but he is young, doesn't buy expensive, grass fed beef, and seems to have a good handle on things.

    I'm not suggesting to follow his recommendations blindly.... But to add them to your personal knowledge base of info and then make the choices that make sense to you.

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    Maybe good meats could become a birthday present.
    You laugh, but that's what's on my amazon wishlist. Liverwurst and Portuguese canned sardines.
    ;-D Enjoy eating primal!
    My smartphone makes me about $100 per month
    Updating my journal again after a 2 year break.

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