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Thread: Tired of fat?

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    This morning i had a bowl of "Uncereal" with blueberries, ground flax, sunflower seeds & chopped walnuts with coconut milk poured over it. I sprinkled in a little cinnamon too. light yet filling, tasty and it felt like eating cereal. I can't do eggs every morning, I just can't.

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    You people and your bacon! Personally, I'd be sick of it after a few days.

    New idea for your scrambled eggs: Top them with cherries and cream (or coconut milk). Trader Joe's always has frozen dark cherries; take several out and thaw them in the fridge the night before. Add the cherries last and don't mix too thoroughly, unless you don't mind purple eggs.

    Oh, and what oil are you cooking the eggs in? Coconut oil is the best with this combo.

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    I'm anxious to scour the web looking for paleo recipes now. Can't wait til Mark's (our) paleo cookbook comes out.

    Dragonmamma, I cook my eggs in coconut oil or bacon fat, and occasionally that ghee/coconut oil combo that was posted in an article a couple weeks ago.

    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!

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    your eggs or bacon could have gone bad. By bad i mean contaminated with bacteria. And ur body and subconscious wards anymore of it off for a while. 4 years ago i had a subway sandwich with lite mayo on it and it gave me horrrible gut rot. I wasnt able to eat it for like a 2 months.

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