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Thread: Skin flushing after eating

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    It happens to me, too. Sometimes I feel hot all over like I'm having a hot flash. Sometimes it's just my feet. My feet feel really hot. It's sort of like the feeling when you take niacin but not as strong and it happens often after I eat but sometimes just randomly during the day. It started when I first started changing my diet. I started by eating sweet potatoes with cheese for lunch instead of sandwiches. I would be burning up not just after I ate that but at random times during the day. Then I just went regular low carb high fat primal and ate different things and same thing: random episodes of feeling hot. Especially after breakfast which for me is heavy on pastured eggs, heavy cream in my coffee and sometimes meat or liver.

    I'm curious about this flushing due to insulin sensitivity mentioned above. I haven't heard of that before. I'm insulin resistant, hence the low carb.
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    At least one study recorded that people consuming a low carb, high fat diet did lose a lot of energy via body heat (accompanied by profuse sweating - particularly during the night). It was proposed that this was due to 'futile cycling' where the body converts excess fuel substrates from one form to another with no net gain in energy and often a loss.

    If the meal was high in protein but low in fat and carbs, then it may be due to increased TEF. (Thermic Effect of Food)

    I get it nearly everytime i eat.
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    I'm really glad I'm not the only person that this is happening to. Although it usually only happens in the afternoon or after dinner. No other effects or feelings really. Just flushed cheeks and hot face like I've been working out.

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    I know large doses of niacin cause a rather warm "skin flush."

    It's actually one way to tell if you're actually getting enough niacin for your body.

    Niacin Saturation and the Flush
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