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    Quote Originally Posted by Vagabond View Post
    From reading your lab results I would guess this isn't the case, but consider Gilberts disease. I was scared off of my Paleo diet (after 1 month of success) when I saw my liver enzymes were rising. Gilberts disease is basically Asymptomatic (won't affect you at all) high bilirubin in your blood. The levels of bilirubin will rise due to stress and fasting (required for hepatic panels).

    There is nothing you can do to correct the liver enzymes in the case of Gilberts disease, mainly because nothing needs to be done.
    Liver enzymes should not be elevated with Gilberts disease. Just bilirubin is elevated when people have Gilberts. An elevated bilirubin level with normal liver enzymes is actually the quick and dirty way to tell if it is just Gilberts, and not a more serious liver issue.

    I hope you meant elevated bilirubin, and not elevated liver enzymes.

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    I had elevated liver enzymes despite two years of low carbing, considerable weight loss and quitting the little alcohol I drank. I went Primal, ate organic, cut out the diet Pepsi and they've been going down ever since.

    Have since read that University of Texas South Western Medical Center and John Hopkins University have both been doing research on low carb diets for non alcoholic fatty liver disease.

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    Yeah because it's called fatty liver most people assume you only get from eating fat (i.e. from meat and animal produucts). However, in fact the opposite is usually always true from the patients I see everyday. Carbs , mainly sugary foods, are what make you fat and are therefore more likely to be contributing to fatty liver disease IMO.

    You just gotta stick to it!

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