My name is Lorena; I'm a writer in Orlando, Florida. During the day I write marketing copy/PR/etc; evenings run to romance, suspense, and, well, meditation books. Only the first has gotten me published. Not sure what that says about a) me, or b) the publishing market.

I went primal "accidentally" a couple of years ago and lost about 50 pounds overall--about 40 of those in less than 5 months. Then winter hit. We had a nasty winter--don't laugh--if you live in the south and know what it's like to live in an older house without proper insulation, you know why this could be an issue. For me, it was a complete derailment and I've struggled for nearly two years to get back to a healthy lifestyle. I work most of the time--if not at the day job, then at writing, editing, or proofreading. Pretty much 7 days a week, 18 hour days.

Why is this important? Well, last week as I was prepping for the 21 Day Challenge, I kept hearing myself say "I can't. I don't have the time. Hell, I don't have the FRIENDS!" (Note: I'm not isolated, but most of my friends have similar schedules and dissimilar interests. However, I do live alone, so there's no one to notice what I eat for dinner, either!)

It rapidly became clear that I could use a major lifestyle reset.

Because a lot of my current activities serve me well (making money, for example), I've decided I need a 10 week challenge rather than a 21 Day challenge to better integrate the primal principles. I've sent in my before picture to the "success in the making" project--that in itself was a big step. I have two health related goals this year: one, to "lose" 20 years. That is, while phenomenal, ideal health is the ultimate goal, I have a looooonnnnngggggg way to go. Like half my body weight. Improved numbers on most everything. I don't have cholesterol problems--never had, so imagine my surprise when I went primal in 2009 and my cholesterol dropped 35 points. Anyway...that's the tangible goal. The emotional goal--while still physical--is to climb to the top of the wall in the local rock climbing gym. That's not just a physical conditioning issue, it's also a mental issue: I don't like heights.

I also suck at keeping up with these kinds of things, since I spend most my life in front of a computer writing something, I do let things slide. I'm hoping that by being semi-public with my goals, I'll also be encouraged to keep up with a journal, and thus encouraged to support my actions ITRW to get healthy.

I believe very strongly in the primal principles/lifestyle--so I also hope that very soon I'll be visibly healthier and won't feel like a hypocrite when I suggest to others that they "grok on"!