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Thread: Primal Journal (KittyKatKatja)

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    Primal Journal (KittyKatKatja)

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    Starting in the forum today, the day after my Primal Feast, which I felt SO GOOD about, and will post about later, but...

    OMG, I definitely DO NOT WANT permission to eat SAD foods again! In the "anything goes" day following the Primal Feast, it says to do what you want to do. And my boss brought in donuts. And I'd decided to get breakfast when I got into work, instead of having a protein shake before I left.

    I feel absolutely rotten. The wheat and the sugar just ruin my mood, my energy, my brain, my stomach, and just plain everything. I really am a carbohydrate addict, and I need to keep it out of my system, and I know it. But my brain wants more sugar.

    Although all I want to do is cry right now, I need to be positive. Crappy indulgence, miserable feeling, it will be limited to breakfast and I will fix this and go back to being and improving the healthy self that I was being before these donuts.

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    Alrighty, weekend report.

    I continued my indulgence through Friday night. Burger (with bun) and garlic fries. Tasty, but not good on my tummy. Saturday I had one good primal meal of salad, prime rib, and broccoli, and had the leftovers as my one meal Sunday, as well. I think I kicked the carb cravings away for a while. The prime rib was excellent.

    Today for lunch I'm having scallops and veggies in a garlic sauce, and I poured the leftover garlic sauce over my salad. it doesn't quite work with the avocado, but the rest of the salady items it tastes great on.

    I have so much more energy when I keep all that crap out of my diet.

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    Wow, KittyKatKatja --

    Are you just eating one meal a day? I'm impressed. I must say your prime rib and scallop meals look yummy. I'm preparing oxtail soup for lunch today. You know what I've noticed most on this lifestyle so far (Day 3)? I'm am sleeping like a log:-) And I am really under continual stress. My mom is going downhill rather quickly. So that is huge for me, I wake up refreshed and ready for her next phone call.

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