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Thread: A kick in the back!

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    A kick in the back!

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    First post ...

    I've been Primal for over a year now, and occasionally have foods with rice or corn in them. For the past few months, I cut out all grains and I've been feeling great.

    Yesterday, my dear son wanted to feed me his organic corn flakes, and I acquiesced. I ate less than a handful (maybe 20 flakes), and today I feel like someone kicked me in the lower back, strong steady pain. On top of that, the cold I've easily been fighting is now giving me a sore throat, head ache and swollen lymph glands, and I'm way gassier than normal.

    Has anyone experienced similar reactions when reintroducing GF grains, like corn? Are these connections just in my mind, or is it likely the fact that I feel like shit today due to the fact that I ate corn yesterday?

    I'm only questioning myself because I've had corn before on my Primal diet and didn't really notice any problems.

    Thanks for any experiences or thoughts you can share.

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    Corn is pretty high in carbohydrates. If you are not used to that, the sudden insulin release could cause uric acid to condense in your kidneys, causing sediment or stones. The Primal diet is very high in Purines, which in some people can cause high Uric Acid levels. If you are experiencing cloudy urine or urinary tract irritation, you can take 1/8t of baking soda in 1/2 cup of water every 2 hours for 1-3 days. That will dissolve any stones or sediment.

    This may or may not be an ongoing problem for you on the Primal diet. My guess is that since you were fighting a cold your whole system is under stress and the response was more extreme than it might usually be.
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    I can't say for certain this was due to the bowl of cornflakes I ate but 2 days ago I had nasty tension pain through the back of my head, neck and shoulders. Yesterday it changed to a sharp stabbing pain through my ear (the outside part, not my inner ear) and a palm sized area on my head felt like a fresh bruise, all day. Thankfully it has all gone now

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