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Thread: 10 days in as of today, and my underwear fits better!

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    10 days in as of today, and my underwear fits better!

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    I know, that may be TMI...but I noticed something last night and this underwear fits better having lived primal for 9 full days as of yesterday, with today being my 10th day.

    Funny to me how one of the first things I noticed was my underwear fitting better! But then again, one of the things that helped me know I just HAD to make a big change in my life was that my underwear was fitting way to snugly. And I refused to buy anything bigger than the 3X I was (am) wearing. So in a way I guess it makes sense.

    Started 1/3/12 (a Tuesday). First few days were a bit rough as I detoxed from a major carb/sugar addiction. That Friday I felt like crap....the "carb flu" I suppose. A full week in -- this Tuesday -- I noticed that I was starting to feel much better. Now today, my 10th day...I really feel GREAT!! What a nice reinforcement.

    Just wanted to share, as I'm feeling pretty happy with how things are going thus far.

    John K.
    N.E. Ohio -- "Cleveland GROKS!"

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    That's funny, because it's one of the first things I noticed as well. Those elastic waistbands are pretty good about letting you know when they've reached their limit.

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