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Thread: Going barefoot!

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    Nico - I agree, but it still helps to have something for when you CAN'T be barefoot - work and gym come to mind!

    Also, some kind of protection in the city can be useful for us urban-jungle prowlers... lots of glass and nasty chemicals on the ground

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    I totally agree, and there are exceptions to every rule. Gyms, work, climbing walls, etc.

    As far as the city part... I've walked around barefoot in LA, Paris, and Madrid. And although you do have to be a bit more cautious (and wash your feet as soon as you get home).

    Glass is a fallacy, there isn't that much broken glass out there, and once you've worked your feet enough that the soles thicken (thick and alive, not hard white and dead) glass is no longer a problem.

    Everything else is an ick factor, and I watch out for landmines left by dogs (and sometimes humans) YUCK!

    Once you learn that you create your own reality and that you are fully responsible for your life, you can begin to see the world as it is and then you realize the limitless possibilities.

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    I picked up a pair of Vibram Five Fingers today. I walked around the dog park, got in some mud, event stepped into the water (Lake Washington) while wearing them.

    I have to say - I like them. I haven't tried running in them yet, I'll wait to see how I feel after a few days of walking. So far, so good

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    NicoB you're very logical. I enjoy what you had to say and the way you made your points. People should listen to you, and me, more. I tell them the same thing, there's not that much glass, and nothing else is gonna hurt me, so I just go barefoot. People look at my feet and wonder why they dont "look" different. They feel em and comment on how soft they are. No dead dry look or feel.

    Just go barefoot guys. Stop with all the high expense shoe/foot ware. Didn't you guys learn anything when you realized regular shoes were unnecessary. You're being duped by those same shoe companies again into buying needless versions of your awesome, natural bare feet.

    I understand a regular shoe (I just tear out the arch supports in minimal foot ware) for work or nice social environments, but for everything else, just go barefoot! take off the shoes, tie the laces together, and throw em around your neck! Then walk around with a on your face.

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