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Thread: 12 days on primal.....

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    Jan 2012

    12 days on primal.....

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    been Low carb for a while, but switched to LC primal (more veggies) about 30-80g carbs per day

    doing SS (3x5) 3times weekly, long walks (fasted) and hill sprinting 1-2 times weekly alongside my Road cycling

    Jan 1 2012 (after xmas carb feeds!)

    Today (crap picture) still no signs of them lower abs though!!:scared:

    however they will come in time..

    retained water deffo gone (which i expected) and weight down from 82kg to 77kg

    deffo think theres fat loss there...but no way of telling bar mirror

    decent results all the same in 12 days I think :001_smile
    "Today’s technological age is enjoyed by the fattest, laziest humans in the history of humanity." -Mark Sisson

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    Awesome! Keep it up.

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