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Thread: primal journal - smokedsalmon

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    Vacation, Day 6. Feeling amazing, eating amazing, looking pretty damn good. Working a little bit tonight, but it's going to be fun. Playing with a Rush cover band...yeah...a Rush cover band. But it will be a lot of fun, I have a bunch of friends who will be there.

    Tomorrow is a huge party for a dear friend who's turning 30, and that's just going to be fantastic. I'm not drinking alcohol these days, so I'm just going for the food and dancing--oh man, is it going to be great. I've said it before and I'll say it again--paleo/primal isn't just about losing weight. It's about grabbing life by the balls and living.

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    Happy New Year! And so I entered 2013 with my lowest weight I've been at in a long time: 199.8! RAD. I'm starting a Whole30 today, so I won't be weighing myself now until February.

    Just wanted to share the good news I'll put a more current pic in here when I figure out how to do that...

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    Whole30 day 2: in progress. Plans for the day include preparing a whole bunch of my CSA veggies so they're ready for meals over the weekend and next week for lunches.

    Any good ideas for turnips?

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    whole30 before pics

    Front and side view at the beginning (well, day 2) of my Whole 30. Last weight was 199.8. I'm 5'10".


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    Sorry for the bad pics. iPhone cameras suck.

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    I usually have a gallon of tea hanging around in the fridge. I like iced tea and cold brewing is the way to do it, as far as I'm concerned. So I've been sipping on this tea for the last couple of days, and this morning decided to check the ingredients. Soy lecithin. Really?! I'm on day 3 of a Whole30 and this whole time I've been sipping on soy. I know it's no biggie, but it's a decent reminder to check every label. And seriously, I don't eat a lot of food with labels; it's just things like canned tomatoes, coconut milk, chicken broth (when I don't make my own), and tea. But now I will remember to check them all!

    Because I'm so close to the beginning, I'm declaring this a new day 1! Excellent. Anybody else doing a Whole30 right now?

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    On day 9 of the Whole30--it's fantastic. I've also started CrossFit, and am super excited about all the good stuff coming my way. Spending the day cooking up a bunch of meals for the coming week. It's going to be a busy January, but I can dig it.

    Bonus: no caffeine!

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    Day 26 of the Whole30 (I think). CrossFit is rad. Living life. Being amazing.

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