My story starts back last July 2011. I decided to go totally Paleo on my vacation last year. My wife and I would get up in the morning, I cooked eggs and sliced tomatoes and what ever seafood we had for breakfast. We would then just leave the house and go walking around the island or just do something that required us to move. Lunch and dinner was always something grilled. Usually fish or some shell fish. You can tell what food we like most. After 2 weeks we came back home and I discovered my weight went from 182 lbs. when we left, to 171 lbs on our return. I have managed to stay at this weight since then! At the most I have gone up to 173 lbs!! I was maintaining a nice workout regime until I tore my rotator cuff fully! Now 3 month's after surgery I have been able to keep this weight!! I can't wait until I can start upper body workouts again.