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Thread: Squat/jack knife dive substitue for bad knees

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    Squat/jack knife dive substitue for bad knees

    I know, lot's of peeps have bad knees. Two car accidents when young, now I'm not-young and professionals say I will eventually need new plastic knees or whatever. Walking, I'm fine. Getting up or lowering to a chair is painful. I've found a little information in MDA forums about people with knee issues, but I have not found info specifically about substitue exercises for squats and jack knife/dive. Can anyone suggest ways to work the quads, gluts without having to work the hinge of the knee? Is it possible? and thanks for any info.

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    Kettle bell swings might work....there is some movement but less and it really hits your posterior chain.
    Ski Squats or static squats where you sit against a wall keeping your body under tension
    Hamstring curls on a swiss ball might work because even though you are hinging the knee there is less weight through the joint but you would have to try that one.
    You could also lie on your tummy and activate your glutes to lift your leg.
    If you have knee issues you may be able to talk to a physio about you can do as well.

    Another good exercise but you really need to watch form would be straight leg dead-lifts.
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    thanks for help for the knees

    Yeah, there are other excerises. Thanks so much for opening my eyes. A few qts:
    what is a hamstrng curl on a swiss ball...exactly? also, lying on tummy to activate glutes and lift a leg, will that really work a quad like a squat? i know, maybe that's all I can get with my knees. But am I doing something to really work the quad?

    I am doing static squats with minor pain/grinding. thanks for the advice. very much appreciated. Will try to figure out the other exercises. thanks so mich, I really want to make this work. (with these knees)


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