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Thread: Eventually I'll figure it out :)

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    Eventually I'll figure it out :)

    Decided to start a journal. I'm supposed to keep one for a Crossfit Challenge but I like to type more than write long hand - so here goes.

    I have been doing paleo for almost a year. Feel better, good blood work. No weight loss. I struggle with compulsive overeating - which *is* better on paleo - but not gone.

    I thought I'd try really low carb for a while to see if that works for some weight loss. I'm on day 12. Days 1-10 were pretty gosh darn good. Lost a few pounds (probably mostly water) but I was in ketosis (a first for me) so who knows - maybe some of it was fat But then days 11 and 12 were bad. Totally binged on nuts both days. And even some jiffy peanut butter ( ) that was in the house FOR THE DOG - I bought that kind on purpose thinking at least I'll never eat this... oh well. Pick up and move on. But don't forget - I can't believe how achy I am this morning. My hips ache and that weird pain in my foot is back... too many inflammatory stuff in the crappy bag-o-nuts I inhaled yesterday. Maybe If I actually read this log the next time a binge is coming on it will actually help.

    So onto today since I can't fix yesterday

    Today's intentions

    AM - crossfit
    BF - 3 fresh from the yard eggs with 1 tbsp Kerrygold butter
    L - leftover ground turkey and cilantro and leftover chicken breast from making stock + 1 avocado
    S - munched on some broccoli slaw while cooking dinner
    D - grassfed burger with salad and some spaghetti squash with ghee and some toasted coconut flakes for dessert

    - take fish oil (check)
    - take magnesium (check)
    - do 10 pullups on home pull up bar (check + 17 chin ups at x fit - about 5 total from a dead hang! yeah ).

    Finished eating for the day - not super hungry - 2 4000 calories days in a row will do that to you I guess

    Let's see if I can get another good 10 days in!
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