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Thread: Eventually I'll figure it out :)

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    Awesome concert last night. Enjoyed 3 IPAs over the course of the evening. Forgot the macadamia nuts but I wasn't hungry anyway. Passed out pretty quick once I came home.

    I've noticed that eating non-primal doesn't cause the same problems it used to. For the first 6 months or so of primal when I would eat wheat, drink beer, etc I'd have some pretty major GI issues as a result. That doesn't seem to happen anymore.

    Food plan for the day:

    B - 3 eggs, 2 whites, pico, sour cream
    L - leftover chicken, guac, cucumber
    D - 8 oz burger, onions, jicama slices, frozen strawberries with coconut milk

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    So didn't stick to the plan yesterday but did ok anyway

    Was going to have the burger and onions but was at a friend's house with homemade sauce made with sausages and meatballs... skipped the meatballs as they were made with breadcrumbs but had a little sausage and sauce. Had some 85% chocolate when I came home.

    Didn't have much of an appetite today.

    B - 3 eggs, 2 whites, pico, sour cream (at 1 PM... odd)

    Handful of macadamia nuts before crossfit, then protein after. Deadlift PR while there

    Munched on carrots making dinner
    D - 8 oz burger, grilled onions, zucchini with garlic all on a salad and jicama and some guac on the side
    1 cup strawberries, 1 cup blueberries and 1 cup coconut milk

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    Have you ever had your vitamin D3 levels checked? That achiness can be caused by deficiency. If you can, get tested and then supplement in to the upper half of normal with a good quality D3.

    You could also try eliminating nightshades for a while to help with pain - no potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, paprika, or tomatillos for a while. You have to be very strict for about one month and then can try them again.
    Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )

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    Thanks for the tips - the pain post was from a while ago. I've been taking Vit D for a while and have eliminated the nightshades that give me stomach problems - eggplant and peppers. I've been on a tomato kick this summer and seem to be doing ok... the chronic pain has eased up.

    Did day 4 of Starting Strength this AM.

    165 lb squat, 3 sets of 5
    75 lb press, this was a PR for me but didn't make 3 x 5, went 4,5,4
    95 lb clean - my form is bad so I'm doing hang cleans instead to avoid an early pull - 5 x 3 all good - these didn't feel bad, think 100 will be doable in workout 6. I remember when I could barely power clean 85 and 100 seemed absurd.

    Food for the day:
    B - 3 eggs, 2 whites, pico, sour cream. Need something different for tom'w but don't know what. I'm really in the mood for sausage but can't find any decent pork that isn't $10/lb

    L - left over 4 oz burger, big bowl of left over watermelon, leftover guac, roasted broccoli - ended up cleaning out a lot of the fridge with this one Now I have to find a way to use up the wilting celery...

    D - ? Going to look for recipes

    So our garden is not doing very well. Last summer we did lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini and eggplant. The lettuce bolted pretty early because I didn't know direct sunlight wasn't good for it - so this year we moved it to a shadier area. A few days after planting it we got crazy amounts of rain for a week straight and the heads of lettuce grew into tight little balls. Now we haven't had any rain in a few weeks and it just doesn't seem to be doing well. The tomatoes that I purchased said they were grape tomatoes but they aren't grape tomatoes. But at least they are growing! The zucchini and spaghetti squash are doing the same thing as last year - huge plants, tons of flowers, no fruit. I took the soil in to be tested at it turns out it is to basic - pH of nearly 8. So we put some sulfur down but the guy helping me figured it was from the chlorine in the water - and this year we are watering a ton because of the lack of rain so we probably aren't helping the situation for next year... Even our raspberry bush only put out like 10 raspberries. Sigh. We are screwed if we survive the apocalypse

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    Ended up eating leftover crab cakes for dinner last night. Nice and easy and cheap - love em. Felt hungry after dinner - "sat with it" for a few hours and ate a handful of macadamia nuts around 9:30 because I really thought it might have been real hunger.

    Ran with the dog this AM... 27:50 for 3 miles. I bit off of my usual 8:30-8:45 pace. Met a friend to hike and did maybe 4 miles on the AT. I love that area of MA - so pretty and quaint. The trailhead was near a pond which was much more of a mud pit than I assume it usually is. I wonder if thru hikers are having a hard time with water sources drying up...

    Food for the day

    B - 3 eggs, 2 whites, sour cream and sliced cucumber (~10 AM)
    Skipped lunch (so nice being able to do this!)
    Snack - iced coffee with half and half

    D - pulled pork, guac, jicama and cauliflower rice. Sooooooo good. Hunk of cheddar (still hungry). 1/2 container strawberries + coconut milk and frozen blueberries

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    8 days binge free...

    Last morning before the heat and humidity really roll in... took the dog for a nice walk this morning.

    Going to check out a local food wholesaler that is open to the public in the morning. They sell all sorts of game and other meats. Someone at the dog park was raving about wild boar the other day. They carry it. Maybe I'll try it. He was saying it should be cheap because of the wild boar problem in the south.

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    Not quite perfect last night but didn't really let myself go too bad. I'm going to record it so I have something to look back on...

    Problem: let myself get too hungry.

    B - 3 eggs, 2 whites, cucumber and sour cream ~10:30ish
    L - 1 small avocado, chunk of jicama and serving of macadamia nuts ~ 1 PM
    ~5 PM - bottle of Kombucha (gotta lay off this expensive habit...)
    D - TOO LATE. Waited to eat until after 7 PM and at this point I was STARVING. Tried having some cheese to munch on - cut off a slice, but the block back into the fridge... and it turned into:

    ~ 3-4 oz cheddar cheese, a few spoonfuls of sour cream, a smallish handful of macadamia nuts, and 2 single serving bags of almonds

    Then I ate dinner - 7 rice cakes, ~ 2 tbsp butter and a large serving of cauliflower rice with a small little bite of the expensive pasture raised pork chops I was supposed to eat for dinner (at this point I was craving crunchy with butter, not protein, thus the rice cakes). After dinner I had 1/2 container of strawberries, 2 squares of Lindt 85%, and a few handfuls of walnuts.

    I haven't been tracking food for the last few days so I plugged it in... not terrible - ~3000 total for the day but it was the lack of control during my snacking that was not good. I even tried taking the dog out to play to get my mind off of things but as soon as I came back into the house the munchies came back. When I was standing in front of the fridge I did not give into the few non-primal temptations - vanilla yogurt OR the ice cream in the freezer <-- YEAH! So, I guess that is good.

    Crossfit felt sucky this morning - I was achy and brain foggy. I didn't eat anything too bad yesterday but maybe it is a sign that my eating on a day to day basis is getting better so even minimal binges will seem worse. Oddly enough I performed well - PR'ed on 2 movements. The metcon part of the workout wasn't great though. After the WOD I tried to do some starting strength stuff. My hips hurt too much to squat but I finally did a 90 lb bench, 3 sets of 5.

    We have a wedding tonight. I was going to drink but I'm not in the mood to feel bad again tomorrow so we will see.

    Food for the day:

    post WOD: protein drink
    L - 3 eggs, 2 whites, cucumber, sour cream
    D - whatever meat and veggies look good at the wedding. NO CAKE. I am not going to binge tonight. No cookies, no candy, NOTHING. I can not have a single bite. No delusional self-talk tonight that I can handle it. Right now I can NOT control myself on single portions. They trigger binges so I will abstain and enjoy the foods that are non-triggering.

    Have I mentioned I hate having an eating disorder... sigh.

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    Made it through the wedding The beer list for the cocktail hour was just eh so it wasn't worth it. But then suddenly the bar for dinner had Dogfish 60 min IPA... so I decided to partake. 3 bottles over the course of the evening - each with a bottle of water. Dinner options were minimal but tasty. One of the stations had lamb and chicken kebabs and grilled vegetables. Ate one of each skewer and some delicious zucchini. Didn't even go look at the dessert cart.

    Sometimes it is very hard to watch everyone else eat so normally. Or at least appear to.

    Passed out promptly upon returning home with some minor bed spins.

    Crossfit this AM was good again. I'm continuing to go up in weights in some movements. I did my first 25 lb Turkish Get Up today as well as some 30 lb one armed kettle bell work for both cleans, presses and snatches. This is up from 18 lbs about 2 months ago.

    B - 3 eggs, 2 whites, cucumber, 1/2 tomato and sour cream + 1/2 left over pork chop
    L - few chicken/pork kebabs with sweet potato and zucchini, undressed salad, big bowl of melon and cherries
    D - 4 squares Lindt 85, frozen blueberries with 1/2 c coconut milk

    Got some oxtails the other day. Found a recipe that looks good - never tried them before. If you had asked me 2 years ago if I'd ever purchase, prepare and eat the tail of a cow I would have thought you were crazy. The place I got the oxtail from also recommended beef cheeks. Maybe I'll try that next.
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    Felt sort of off all day yesterday. I had really mild heartburn. No strength at Crossfit. I went to the chiro in the afternoon and boy was I out of whack. Feeling so much better today.

    Yesterday's food was boring.

    B - 3 eggs, 2 whites, cucumber, garden tomatoes, sour cream
    L - same thing, no other room temp protein in the house
    Crossfit - protein drink, 5 carrots when I got home
    D - went to a friend's house for dinner. They made some dishes from their native Puerto Rico... oh my gosh... so good. A beef and plantain pie and then plantain dumplings of some sort. My cauliflower rice was a big hit despite the plain rice offered Had my blueberries and coconut milk when I came home.

    Maybe that higher carb than normal meal will lend itself to some PRs for my Starting Strength stuff this morning. Squats, press and deads today.

    I got some stuff about Rational Recovery the other day. Kind of the antithesis to OA. I'm going to read some more about this approach - it makes much more sense and is much more intuitive to me than OA (of which I haven't been to a meeting in over a week).

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    So nice not feeling all bent and crooked today

    Lifted - felt pretty good - still going up on my squats and DL, press I couldn't go heavier than last week
    Recovery drink
    B - usual, 3 eggs, 2 whites, cucumbers and sour cream
    L - really just a snack before crossfit - 1 serving macadamia nuts

    Crossfit - holy killer WOD. Loved it.
    Recovery shake

    D - overcooked salmon , cauliflower rice, 2 huge bowls of lettuce with vinaigrette trying to use up the lettuce before it goes bad and a purple sweet potato with butter. 1 lb strawberries. Blueberries with coconut milk.

    can't wait for this heat to break...

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