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    One Fat Chick

    Hi, newcomers to this journal. It's great to see everyone looking in here. I put a few history items in this post below so you can see where I'm coming from! Here are some important things I'd like to say:

    • I've recovered from my medical problems and have a clean bill of health from my doctor. Hooray!
    • I'm progressing nicely on the weight loss/fitness front (it's slow but it works!) and sticking to strict Primal.
    • My goal is not to become a kickboxer, fitness model or Olympic level athlete - just to "feel human" again and enjoy life. I'm not interested in numbers, percentages or doing math to get my portion sizes right. In fact, numbers make my eyes glaze over and I don't remember anything at all.
    • I'm all for staying positive - so if you came here to troll my journal and bully me about my obesity, you're doing it wrong!


    I'm not new to Primal. I started Primal last year and lost 50 pounds. Almost as soon as I hit the 50-pound mark, Life decided I wasn't getting enough hassle at work and thought he'd give me an extra side of hassle: a medical mistake caused a severe illness and in "curing" me the doctors screwed up AGAIN and made it worse. I ended up getting a couple of surgeries in mid and late 2011. I gained 10 pounds back, slogged through a brutal recovery period, ended up on anti-anxiety medication, have a major phobia of anything in a white coat, and nearly lost my job in the process.

    During my illness I depended on others to bring me food. GIVE IT SLIDERS was not in my vocabulary at all during that time, either. Nope. Nuh-uh. You're thinking about some OTHER fat chick, surely. And while my mother thought she was helping, she just Doesn't. Get. Primal. no matter how often I explained it to her. She cooked me low-fat, high-carb meals.

    LOW FAT.

    As if that's EVER worked for me before. I did low-fat for 30 years. Guess where that got me. Hint: *points to the title of this journal*

    Well, not even a forced low-fat diet is gonna keep this fat chick down. I'm back in 2012 and I'm now 11 days into Whole 30. Since beginning Whole 30, my abdominal incision stopped opening up all by itself, I didn't get any migraines, and I'm not getting mad hunger/craving issues.

    First thing I noticed is that I'm eating a hella lot of raw stuff. I'd like to say that I'm eating raw to get the best nutrition out of things, enzymes enzymes rawfood healthnut sprouts chia hempsomething, but it might be more accurate to just admit that I'm too lazy to cook. I am a little worried that I'm eating too much fruit, although I'm making a stubborn effort to avoid super starchy things like sweet potatoes and plantains, because fat chick is fat. Here's the major breakdown of what I put into my face:

    • Meat (Roasted or stewed whatever-is-on-sale)
    • Raw spinach (Couple handfuls per day)
    • Tomatoes (salsa, part of chicken salad, part of salad-salad, straight into my face, whatever)
    • Blueberries OR cherries, depending on whatever-is-on-sale (1/2 to 3/4 cup per day)
    • Pears (1 small-medium pear per day)
    • Coconut oil, coconut milk, just plain coconut
    • Nuts (Couple handfuls per day - Mostly macadamias, almonds or pistachios)
    • Eggs (1-2 eggs every other day)
    • Mayonnaise (Homemade with olive oil and no sugar/sweeteners)
    • Other stuff - chard, kale, turnips, carrots, parsnips, celery, onions, and the usual cruciferous suspects

    My saving grace has been the Green Smoothie, because that way, I can throw a bunch of crap into my Vitamix during lunch break and drink it while yelling random numbers at contestants on The Price Is Right BECAUSE THEY CAN TOTALLY HEAR ME without thinking too hard about whatever weird combo I just put in it (Blueberries and spinach, what. Best not to think about that one too hard) and it's like 3 servings of fruit and veggies.

    I figured I'd be bored and face-down in a bowl of Cheetos by now. I thought I'd start on January 1 with Whole 30, make it about 6 hours, and then say F this, it's time to do a faceplant into a chocolate cake - but that didn't happen. Maybe it didn't happen because on December 31, I went through my kitchen and threw out Every. Single. Effin'. Thing. that wasn't primal and Whole 30. Fridge, cabinets, everything. And then I ran out and stocked up only on the Good Stuff. Meats, eggs, veggies, fruits, and coconut milk. Lots and lots of coconut milk. I think I'm keeping the health food store down the street in business all by myself, buying those little cans of that crap for $4 apiece - but fat chick wants her coffee, and the stuff in the carton just wasn't cutting it.

    Energy - Excellent. I'm waking up about 5 minutes before the alarm

    Stress - Tolerable. But I'm living through chemistry, so I guess I can't be too optimistic there

    Focus - Phenomenal. I CAN FOLD SPACE

    No carb flu - I'm probably eating enough fruit to stave that off - I've had carb flu before, and it sucks. I'd rather IF for 4 days than go through carb flu again.

    Cravings - I'll have to just live with the knowledge that I'll always want a slice of warm pumpernickel with about half an inch of Kerrygold butter spackled onto it. Cravings aren't taking over my mind or anything like that, though.

    Hunger - normal, I guess. I'm not getting the "mad hunger" and I don't feel the urge to snack. I don't feel ready to IF just yet, either. I did some IF last year though, and it does help, it's like a 'reset' button. Last year I IF'd for 3 and 5 days, I think.

    Starting weight: 295
    Current weight: 255

    Medical conditions: Obesity, high blood pressure (medicated, anxiety-related), no diabetes (got tested for that), lipid profile actually looks pretty good - my measurements are normal.

    I'm not really exercising. That would involve getting up and, you know, seeing people and doing stuff.
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