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Thread: What should I eat with Indian curry dishes, if not rice or bread?

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    What should I eat with Indian curry dishes, if not rice or bread?

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    The main question is in the subject: What should I eat with Indian curry dishes, if not rice or bread?

    But one can continue to ponder:

    Also, what would you tell a Chinese to eat instead of rice? Sounds rather weird.

    I can't find a way out of this. Does this mean there were no primal Indians and Chinese people who ate bread and rice? HMMMMMMMMM............

    Anyway, back to my main question: What do you suggest I eat with Indian curry dishes? (Curry dishes are, at least by themselves, primal-approved, right?)

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    Along with a lot of the meat curries you could add some lovely vegetable ones etc...not all curries need the heavy curry shop sauce.

    As for the rice issue it has been brought up in the past but I don't have the link. My understanding in the distant past it was not such a stable and even in more modern times there are some area that eat very little rice. On the flip side rice is not as bad as some other grains esp wheat.
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    I often eat them with nothing. Seriously. Rice is just filler. If I do feel like something, I'll shred up some cauliflower and cook that for a couple minutes.

    As for what Asians ate in the paloelithic era, I don't know. I'm not an anthropologist. I would imagine it looked rather different than the diet that has developed since the dawn of agriculture. I doubt they had a lot of fancy sauces. I wouldn't be surprised if they ate rice when they cam across it, but that would've been in pretty small quantities.

    Oh, and as for whether curry is primal-approved, it depends on the ingredients. Sadly a lot of restaurants have moved away from ghee and use vegetable oils these days. Other than that, I don't think they typically use grain-based thickeners. I love a good curry. I don't make restaurant meals a habit, though.

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    I use spinach or other greens. Very tasty.
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    Depends on your goals. I'm healthy, active and I'm not looking to lose a ton of weight. I eat the rice. If you need to lose a lot of weight or have blood sugar issues, rice won't work for you. If you are in between, you may need to experiment a little.

    Before agriculture, no one ate rice(or curries, more than likely).

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    Quote Originally Posted by pf3 View Post
    The main question is in the subject: What should I eat with Indian curry dishes, if not rice or bread?
    With a spoon! I did that earlier this week, in fact. It was like a delicious, spicy soup. I got the mixed veggie red curry with beef, so it had both meat and veggies.

    If you're eating it at home, you could go the way of faux-food and have it with cauliflower rice or spaghetti squash noodles.
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    Riced cauliflower, a bed a salad greens, or sauteed spinach are all fine. White rice is okay for many people if they are at a healthy weight. Occasional white rice is probably fine even if you are overweight.

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    I love curry so much, and make it often at home. I serve it with riced cauliflower, cooked spinach, or over sliced vegetables. If you have a "Spirooli" type device, try making zucchini noodles to have with the curry - I do that all the time and it always gets good reviews.

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    I eat it over steamed broccoli slaw. Yummy!

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    I make curry quite often and it is one of my favorites. I usually slice up half of an avacado and fan it out on a slightly bowlish plate that I have and then plunk the delicious curry on top. Super delicious

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