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Thread: New meals that I've been eating to trim down....thoughts?

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    New meals that I've been eating to trim down....thoughts?

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    My tooth has been killing me for a month now and I have an appointment to yank it out next week. I haven't been doing any training/exercising until I get this taken care of, so I've been eating the following:

    3 large jumbo brown eggs
    4 thick slices of bacon from the farmer

    Two boiled chicken thighs
    Veggie mix (asparagus, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, cilantro, and green onions)
    splash of vinaigrette

    Either the same as lunch or just some protein.

    Water only through the day.

    Do i risk gaining while eating this?
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    Locavore (locally grown foods when possible)
    Training consists of Muay Thai, BJJ, weight training, and mountain biking

    Would like to be in good shape by my 36th Birthday (07-07-2013)

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    no, there is no risk.

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    Sounds like my daily intake and all my stomach is doing is gettin flatter! Keep it up!
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