I have more or less picked up on the 30 day challenge.
Well, okay I suppose I haven't. I've been eating bread..my dad made some homemade bread....and...yeah. It's delicious and I have 5 loaves.

Other than that, I'm doing okay. Dropped Soda, Trans fats, fast food, and even made my own dressing for salads that I now have daily.

I'm trying to get my workouts up to par and am currently doing:

Walks everyday
I just happen to have the perfect pushup and pullup -- and even the shake weight. (hardy-harr harr. Yeah, I actually have it. Though I haven't used it much. Mostly the perfect pushup/pullup.)

And yeah. Back to the headline of this, I am having my wisdom teeth taken out monday. So, I won't be able to really eat for 3 or 4 days.

What on earth am I supposed to eat? Soup? Anyone have any good soup recommendations?
I probably won't be working out much those days either....