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Thread: What's the most important to buy?

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    I agree about omega 3's and would advise to swap the cans of tuna for as many cans of wild salmon as you can afford.

    Tinned tuna in brine has virtually all the omega 3 stripped out of it. If you can source it in olive oil that's better, but wild salmon is much higher in omega 3, and lower in mercury and other toxins.

    Also worth considering swapping the tuna for canned mackeral or sardines in tomato or olive oil... if you don't those too fishy.
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    I kinda already didn't believe the omega-3 blurb on the canned tuna, just like it as a protein source.

    Will cut back on the fish oil though, 3 taken in the morning 3 at night seem okay?

    About 30 minutes ago almost lost what help they do give me.. I rather enjoy dairy, and was able to get a quart of whole milk (just AE, but still) and have been drinking a small glass a day or so, relishing every nuance of actual fat. Mom said maybe we'd buy some for if there's a toddler (hoping to adopt). Of course I was like "Oh, so why is whole milk good for toddlers?" And I was told to stop trying to push it on the family. Maybe the fact that my grandma (her mom) is semi-veg, very diet conscious new age lady has something to do with it

    Oh and I just want to thank all of you for your help. Lets me put stuff in perspective, because most articles you can find on paleo makes their subject seem like the most important part of it all.
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    Bud, since you're young and it doesn't sound like you're overweight, these things will get you off to a great start cheap.

    1.) Canned salmon
    2.) Bottom round/london broil beef
    3.) Eggs
    4.) Sweet potatoes
    5.) Kale

    A diet consisting of cheap, CAFO red meat and some decent eggs (which aren't much more money than Shop Rite brand) supplemented with wild-caught canned salmon is very affordable and you'll be doing just fine without dropping 5 times the money on grass fed beef. Sweet potatoes are dirt cheap, nutritious sources of glucose, and kale is the most nutritionally dense green there is out there. If you don't like eating lots of green vegetables, you don't have to eat all that much kale to get what you need. I also strongly recommend eating a pound of wild-caught salmon (or other omega 3 rich fish like swordfish, mackerel or shark) once a week instead of supplementing with fish oil as much of it is of questionable quality and prone to oxidation since it's isolated and kept on warm store shelves. Good luck and enjoy the plunge!
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