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Thread: 30 Day Challenge Buddy?

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    Hey all ~ Count me in as well.

    My name is Deb and I just celeberated my birthday on Jan 10 (Nice how Katie started this tread that day!)

    I've been "mostly" primal for a few months (eating wise) but the past few months have indulged WAY to much with alcohol. I'm ready to be 100% primal so it begins today!!!

    My SO other and I love to cook so I'll be happy to share recipes, meal ideas and "food porn"
    "As if you could kill time without injuring eternity"

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    Aloha Everyone

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    My name is Pua from Maui, Hawaii. I am married and have 2 boys!! I have been on and off the Primal life style for the past 3 months but really struggled over the holidays. As of January 5th I have been almost 90% primal. One week down.... My biggest challenge is fruit....I eat on average 7-8 servings a week...I need to get it down to 4....I find myself needing it on school days, where I am in lectures from 9-3pm....Any suggestions/alternatives?? Another challenge for me is being motivated to workout or not working out as hard so I am not so sore that I have to let my body rest 2-3 days...I need to add sprinting, slow walking and more play time...I do lots of body weight exercises...just need to shake it up a bit.

    Here are my current stats....5'2 and 153lbs...goal, fit and beautiful....I am ready for the challenge!!!Let do this!!!

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