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Thread: Leptin Reset - Fit, Forty, and FABULOUS!

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    there was another email, too. my response to them all was this:

    My goal is to get from 130 to 125, and to not have my belly fat spilling over my pants so much. The way my tummy was when I was younger.

    I do eat something in the middle of the night. I'll try just having water and toughing it out.

    Thank you. Such great advice! Yes, I do need more veggies. I don't seem to make the time, and I also dont like veggies all that much. But I'll make more of an effort. Thank you for that.

    I don't generally eat grains or dairy, but I do here and there. I'll cut it out completely and see how that helps.

    I weigh 130 and want to lose a few pounds because my stomach sticks out more than my boobs do. It spills out over the top of my pants. I can't wear some of the clothes I used to. I'm not looking at weight as much as I'm looking at how clothes fit me. And measuring parts of my body: biggest part of stomach, below belly button: (1.12.12 and same measurement now, 2.29.12) 33.5", biggest part around bottom and thighs: 38.5"

    I just got some MCT oil! I was playing with doing bulletproof coffee (The Bulletproof Executive). He says to have a coffee with grassfed butter and MCT oil in the am, an then eat paleo between 2p and 8p. He says te coffee and mct oil are fat burning. But I want to do fast five. I dont like the idea of having coffee everyday. I have trouble sleeping with even one cup in the morning, and I'm concerned that burning out my adrenals.

    Do you suggest having the MCT oil before bed? At the close of my eating window?

    When you say fresh veggies, do you mean raw? Or not previously frozen?

    I only recently started tracking my food, more in an effort to eat more veggies - at least 50g of carbs a day. I was amazed to see I was eating much lower than that!!

    I do use a cast iron pan a lot, and have a good deal of beef. I'll try changing that up.

    Do you think that butter is not an ideal fat for weight loss?
    biggest part of stomach, below belly button: (1.12.12) 33.5"
    biggest part around bottom and thighs: (1.12.12) 38.5"

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    so...all that to say i'm still tweaking. in general, i know that i'm doing extremely well. other than a little pooch, i've got a great figure and awesome health. i'm happy and energetic. i am insanely lucky. i'm enjoying getting this last 5% done, though. so i'll be adding veggies, avoiding gluten and dairy 100%, taking less iron in, not eating in the middle of the night even if it's torture for a little bit, adding coconut oil/ MCT oil. and possibly a little more intense exercise. we'll see how it goes!
    biggest part of stomach, below belly button: (1.12.12) 33.5"
    biggest part around bottom and thighs: (1.12.12) 38.5"

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    san francisco, ca
    I've been doing some reading and have found a few other tweaks I want to try:

    Carb loading after my crossfit workout. Here’s the quick and dirty Primal way to do it, according to Mark Sisson:

    "On your heaviest training days (heavy lifting, sprinting, anything that results in glycogen depletion), increase your carbohydrates and limit your fat intake. Yes, limit your fat intake to around 50g (eyeball it – don’t demolish that stick of butter today). Don’t cut it out altogether, mind you, but emphasize carbs over fat. Fat doesn’t have much of a short-term effect on leptin, and, since we want to increase leptin in the short-term without gorging on overall calories, limiting fat and emphasizing carbohydrate is the way to go. Don’t do much to your protein intake. Just keep it relatively normal. Limit your refeeds to once, maybe twice a week, and always after really big workouts, but really go for it. Eat a lot of yams, sweet potatoes, fruit, plantains, squash – any Primal source of starchy carb will do the trick (grains and legumes are still problematic, so keep away). Eat more total calories than you’d normally eat and way more carbohydrate calories than you’d normally eat – at least 250 g-300 g worth. Finish your refeed day with a decent chunk of lean protein (chicken breast, cottage cheese)."

    Read more: Carb Refeeding and Weight Loss | Mark's Daily Apple

    I also want to add these Leangains losing 'stubborn fat' strategies:

    Intermittent Fasting and Stubborn Body Fat | Intermittent fasting diet for fat loss, muscle gain and health

    drink coffee or take caffeine during fast
    bcaa before workout
    increase activity during end of fasting state (i bike ride in the mornings, so that's a done deal)

    Lastly, I'm thinking of trying a bigger eating window of ten hours per this:

    "As we’re on the subject, I’ll also mention that I’ve revamped the diet guidelines I use for my female clients. For example, the fasted phase is now 14 hours by default, not 16 hours which is the case for men. This has brought about much greater diet compliance and less negative symptoms among women. The rationale for changing the guidlines makes a lot of sense based on the amount of feedback I’ve been getting, as well as my research on the topic. It turns out that women has lower plasma glucose concentrations than men after the same time spent fasting. In practical terms, this means that women in general are more likely to get moody and hungry if they go too long without feeding, while men can go longer without experiencing any negative effects, and this is exactly what I’ve been seeing. Men can do 16 hours quite easily, not so with women; for them, 14 hours is the sweet spot."

    Which would mean eating between 10a and 8p. On non-training days, I'm going to start with a bulletproof coffee (butter and MCT oil) and eat again when i'm hungry after that.

    On training days, i'll follow this guide:

    If i train at 5:30pm -

    12-1 PM or around lunch/noon: Meal one. Approximately 20-25% of daily total calorie intake.
    4-5 PM: Pre-workout meal. Roughly equal to the first meal.
    8-9 PM: Post-workout meal (largest meal).

    If i train at 12pm -

    11.45 AM or 5-15 minutes pre-workout: 10 g BCAA
    12-1 PM: Training
    1 - 2 PM: Post-workout meal (largest meal of the day).
    4 - 5 PM: Second meal.
    9 PM: Last meal before the fast.

    We'll see how that goes!
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    biggest part of stomach, below belly button: (1.12.12) 33.5"
    biggest part around bottom and thighs: (1.12.12) 38.5"

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    I've been obsessed with my tummy. I have been trying to reduce my waist circumferance for months now and have had zero success. I've been reading a lot of articles by fitness and nutrition experts. I also have a spirituality practice. And it has all been coming together to tell me one thing: quit obsessing. Love your exercise and food, love other parts of your life while doing the right thing with food and exercise, and the body will lean out effortlessly. This article sums it up beautifully:

    The Marshmallow Test | Intermittent fasting diet for fat loss, muscle gain and health

    So I'm going to set up an enjoyable program of food and fitness and let the rest go. No more research for a while. No more noticing my tummy. I'll wear mumu's if I have to. I'll check in again with my tummy in June. And if nothing happens, at least I'll have been happy along the way.

    Here's my food and fitness plan:

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    here we are, almost the end of july. i finally figured out that coconut oil was doing me in. i stopped taking it, and have not been as sleepy and am losing weight.

    i am doing the bulletproof diet - superior quality coffee with butter (but no MCT oil, because its from coconut and makes me fat and sleepy!) and no sweetener (because stevia and all the stuff that ends in 'ol' like xylitol make me sleepy). i eat lunch at 2p and dinner at 6:30p. i often eat again at 9p because i haven't eaten enough during the day. i'm working on that.

    i also figured out that broth makes me crazy tired. i think it's the long simmering and the histamines that are created. which is crazy, because i've been drinking it everyday for TWO YEARS! i realized it was doing me in when i saw that every time i go out of town, my energy is better. i'll try adding it back in at another time.

    i'm currently doing a FODMAPS elimination diet, since coconut and avocado are on the list of do not eat, and both make me really tired. and lots of those foods make me crazy bloated and gassy.

    i found an awesome doctor and am going to get a bunch of blood and saliva work done.

    slowly, but surely, i'm feeling better and better. yahoo! hopefully menopause will be that much easier for me after doing all this!
    biggest part of stomach, below belly button: (1.12.12) 33.5"
    biggest part around bottom and thighs: (1.12.12) 38.5"

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    Interesting, you are the third person in the last month or so that has said coconut oil makes them gain weight. I have a feeling it does me as well so I stopped it also. Hopefully it will make a difference.

    Who is your doctor?
    Started Atkins:: 1996
    Started Paleo: 2003
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    Started Leptin Reset: 01.10.2012
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    I'm glad you updated! I can't eat coconut, either, although coconut oil doesn't seem to bother me. Good thing, b/c I've recently seen that too much other kinds of fat (apparently only CO doesn't require bile to digest) seem to be what are causing my constant bloating, and like you, I've been consuming tons of that for several years now! What a mystery this health thing is!
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    Yay! I hope so, too.

    My doctor is Dr. Justin Davis, aka the house doctor in San Francisco.

    Urgent Care - Primary Care - House Calls - San Francisco - Bay Area

    He ordered blood, urine, and saliva tests and I've done them all. We meet this Friday to discuss them all. I'll let you know if he is able to give me any good info, or not. Though, at this point, I'm feeling so good, I'm not sure what he could help with!

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    Mama Grok, how fabulous to see you've met your weight goal and are still binge free. Your photo looks FANTASTIC. I'm thrilled for you!

    Yes, what a mystery this health thing is, indeed. It's comical but sad that I've been having broth twice a day for two years, and am just now finding that it makes me tired. Better now than never! FODMAPs has been another critical part to the puzzle. I'm so excited to have this energy and a flat tummy. Now I understand how my sisters get so much done in a day!

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    nine months later

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    just re-measured myself. my tummy went down 1-1/2" to 32", and my hip/ bum went down to 38".

    i'm not sure what causes my post prandial somnolence any more. i thought eggs were a safe food, but i just had two and crashed. sigh.

    i do have more energy in general, though. and i did lose the weight i was hoping to lose.

    here are the notes from my doctor:

    Churyl, It was very nice meeting you. In general, I believe that you are in
    excellent health and with no evidence of any significant disease states. As
    discussed, your major concerns surround that you have felt that you have
    some food sensitivities for some time, and also that you don't have the
    energy that you would like to have; particularly post prandially. Below is a
    review of what we discussed along with some specific recommendations for
    you. I would like to follow-up with you in a few months to assess how you
    feel with your dietary changes and additional supplements.

    1. Cardiovascular:
    . Your total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol are somewhat elevated. This
    probably reflects your high fat diet that you tend toward. However, that
    being said, your "good cholesterol," HDL, is also extremely High. There is
    usually a genetic component to people with such a high HDL and these people
    (such as you) have an extremely low risk of Cardiovascular disease.
    Therefore, I think you should just monitor your cholesterol for significant
    changes over the years, but No changes are needed at present.

    2. Vitamin D:
    . Continue Vitamin D supplementation. However, you are currently at an
    optimal level so you should take care not to take too much. I would not
    exceed 2000iu daily at present. Consider retesting in 6 months.

    3. Vitamin B:
    . Generally your B-vitamin levels look very good and this is reflected in
    normal red blood cells.
    However, your vitamin B-1 (Thiamine) levels are deficient. This probably
    reflects poor dietary intake and also perhaps poor absorption.
    . Vitamin B complexes are extremely important for the proper maintenance of
    the Neuro-Endocrine system. Certain vitamins like vitamin C also complement
    the B-complex vitamins.
    Other B-vitamins, such as B-5, are very difficult to accurately measure, but
    are quintessential for the proper functioning of the Adrenal Gland. I
    recommend specifically the following Daily Vitamins based upon this:
    . Vitamin B-1 (5x recommended dose)
    . Vitamin B-5 (5x recommended dose)
    . Vitamin C (liposheric Vitamin C) minimum of 3g/day or equivalent thereof.

    4. Adrenal Gland and Sex Hormones:
    . You show evidence of Adrenal Gland hypofunction. This is evidenced by the
    direct testing of your sex hormones and cortisol levels, and also by your
    general feeling of fatigue (although some of the fatigue is probably dietary
    . The above vitamin recommendations will help support your Adrenal Glands.
    I would like you to begin with that, so as not to add too many treatments
    simultaneously. However, after about 1 month, I believe that the below
    listed herbs would help to support and regulate production of your sex
    . Energetix Brand Herbs: Nutrition program for Vitamin Scripts
    a) Maca Gold -- full dropper twice daily
    b) Endopath-F -- full dropper twice daily (take directly without mixing)
    c) Core Cohosh Blend: Take 2 full droppers twice daily for the first 14
    days of your menstrual cycle
    d) Core Dong Quai: Take 2 full droppers twice daily for the last 14 days of
    your menstrual cycle
    e) Can consider Bioequivalent Estrogen/Progesterone supplementation for
    future, but this would be a last resort.

    5. Fatigue:
    . Continue dietary changes/experiment (FODMAP's avoidance)
    . Also could consider as last resort small amount of thyroid

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