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Thread: Leptin Reset - Fit, Forty, and FABULOUS!

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    Leptin Reset - Fit, Forty, and FABULOUS!

    I've been on a GAPS diet for a year and a half. You can read my health journey here:

    Introducing...Churyl | Life is a Palindrome

    I'm doing the reset to lose about 5 lbs, rein in my horrendous sugar cravings at night, improve my libido, and hopefully cure my two patches of eczema. Also, for optimal health.

    And because I want my chest to be bigger around than my waist!

    Week 1, Day 1

    - Breakfast w/ 50gm of protein? 10 oz of ground beef (ragu bolognese) warmed with 1 TBS ghee

    - Breakfast w/i 30m of rising? yes, 6am

    - 5+ hrs between Breakfast and Lunch? lunch. just green tea with truvia

    - 5+ hrs between Lunch and Dinner? yes, 5p three egg whites with their raw yolks, butternut squash soup, cooked in 1.5 TBS ghee total.

    - No snacking? check

    - exposure to morning sun? yes

    - darkening the house at sunset? yes, but had to work in bright classroom from 6p till 10p

    - 100% primal diet? yes

    - <50g carb per day, anti-candida (no sweeteners, starches, or fruit)? yes
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