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Thread: Good Frozen/Pre-prepared Foods?

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    Good Frozen/Pre-prepared Foods?

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    I was just wondering what kind of good, frozen or pre-prepared primal foods people sometimes eat. I cook a vast majority of my own meals using fresh, whole foods....but sometimes I just absolutely DON'T feel like cooking and probably would not object to someone spoon feeding me. I occasionally eat dairy and am not particularly carbophobic (mostly post workout from good primal carb sources). Sometimes I enviously watch my roommates pop a frozen pizza in the oven and the convenience of it makes me feel like just caving in. What do you people do when you're feeling extra lazy and don't feel like cooking? Any good brands/products out there that offer reasonable options in these situations?

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    leftovers, or leftovers frozen.

    You can also buy them.
    Paleo Foods

    keep some fresh veggies and almond butter, an omelet is always quick and easy as well.. thats what I do when I dont feel like cooking a big meal. Or throw together a salad with some hard boiled eggs

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    tuna & avacodo takes about 1 min or tuna with vinegar.. or hard boiled eggs with either. Or prepare some mayo for the week and use that. Make a big stew for the week, pre-cut veggies for the week... be prepared.

    Or buy pre-cut frozen veggies, pop in microwave with butter.. get a hard boiled egg maker those things are awesome and simple.. enjoy

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    trident seafoods wild alaskan salmon burgers. You can get them at costco. They're delicious all by themselves.

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    I've only been at this for a few weeks, but I made a big batch of meatballs then froze them. I can pull them out and whip up a meal in minutes. I've topped salads at lunch, I've mixed in veggies and marinara for dinner. I'm sure over time I'll think of more meatball ideas

    I like frozen veggies too, those are a lifesaver.
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    Here's my approach, because I'm not afraid of modern conveniences like pre-packaged, frozen foods, and recognize that when they themselves are made from real, whole foods without excessive processing and additives, they are no different than what you'd make at home and freeze.

    1. Stop being afraid of the supermarket.
    1a. Go to a supermarket.

    2. Most supermarkets will have what I call a "hippy food" section; this usually encompasses the organic, vegetarian, and vegan food universe. Most are made by small companies like Amy's. Often times, the supermarket itself will have their own house brand of "hippy food" which is usually good. Find this area of the store and go there.

    3. Choose an item that looks interesting and then read the ingredients. Read the labeling. If the constituent ingredients are primal, then the food choice is primal.

    4. Purchase selected suitable food item.

    5. Return home. Prepare according to package directions. Consume.
    Read. The. Book.

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    Freeze some burgers or some kosher hot dogs without all the crap do in them work well.

    you say your roomies buy pizzia? get some hot wings from the pizzia joint.

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    Sometimes if I'm really lazy, I will just take out half a pound of frozen spinach, add fat of choice, and microwave.

    I really like the meatball idea. Will have to steal that one and make some this weekend

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    Blueberries, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, spinach, fish.

    We get them once a month from a frozen food delivery. Which means larger packages, and the frozen things don't have the time to thaw. Most vegetables, fruit and fish will be frozen immediately after harvest, so they are a better alternative than veggies / fruit which sat for days at the supermarket. And it's great to have blueberries all year long!

    Sometimes we buy frozen pre-prepared paela. There is one trademark here called Frosta who doesn't use any sugar, preservatives, flavourings etc.. If you eat rice this is as primal as pre-prepared food can be. It's not cheap, though.

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