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Thread: Primal Journal (Ecks)

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    Primal Journal (Ecks)

    Looking to make some changes that'll work this year!

    On here (as well as most other websites) I go by "ecks"... as in "X". Somewhere between anonymity and personality. I've always been a BIG guy. I first realised that I was overweight when I was 6- coming in at a whopping 98lbs I can still distinctly remember the moment... That's a different story for a different time though.

    I started my primal walk at the massive weight of 333lbs in mid November 2011 but still sit at a staggering 302LBS as of my Sunday morning weigh in (trying to get over that 300 hump has been a pain!).

    About a month ago I started weekly swimming and tonight I'm starting on a dodge ball team. I'd say my eating is close to 95% primal (still enjoy me some Milk but at least it's organic, grass fed, whole milk! and some dark chocolate 85%-99%...)

    My short term goal is 290lbs by Feb 5th. I plan on setting a monthly goal of 8-12lbs (something attainable so I don't let myself down).

    Long term- To fit in an air plane seatbelt without needing one of the extensions that they use for the buckle up demo (Next time I fly will be Canada day weekend), buy clothing in a normal store (Buying what I want to buy; not what fits), sleep deeper, and just be healthier. For the most part I've always been a happy guy even with my size but I've always had a nagging voice in the back of my head telling me I need to be healthier and live longer. Want nothing more than to be a healthy dad one day (not a dad right now).

    Going primal has ignited a passion for cooking... I'm always experimenting in the kitchen and have long ditched frozen and boxed foods.

    Breakfast this morning- Large spinach and romiane salad with walnuts, apple, avocado, and celery topped with olive oil, red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, cumin, and a drizzle of leftover chicken stock. (Salad isn't a normal breakfast I just happened to want one over the regular bacon, eggs, and turnip hash)

    Lunch today- 1 large chicken thigh, some celery, and a small salad.

    Snack (packed but not eaten yet)- cherries and blackberries (About a cup or so combined). 1/3cup mixed macadamia nuts and pecans.


    Snack before dodgeball: 1 chicken thigh, some cherries

    Supper- Egg Salad (Egg, home made mayo, celery, black pepper) over a mixed greens salad. (So essentially egg salad as a "salad dressing")
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