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    Comfort foods when migraines attack!

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    I have been primal for a couple of weeks and have been doing well with it, however I have had one issue I don't know how to handle and need some guidance. I get frequent migraines that last 2-3 days. Migraine pill + 2 vidodin + phenergan (anti-nausea) usually helps, but I am often sick to my stomach and don't want to eat primal foods. The thought of most foods is a turn off so I usually eat a bowl of cereal and just go to bed. Does anyone else suffer from migraines? If so, how do you stay primal? Are there primal comfort foods you turn to? I would do so much better if I knew how to handle this issue

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    I get weather-related migraines sometimes. Headache, nausea, difficulty thinking, and about half the time, visual disturbances. The nausea has so far proven to be non-escalating, so if I want to eat I will, regardless of the nausea, and assume that I will not puke later. But I do tend to want stress-relief foods. If they're in the house I will likely have some. I don't get migraines very often, so why not have some milk chocolate and peanut butter? Always sounds reasonable at the time....

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    I used to get migraines due to changes in barometric pressure, hormone changes, too much caffeine, dark chocolate, sulfites (wine and commercially dried fruit), sodium nitrite (processed meat)and lack of sleep.

    Yea for me.

    Ditching the wheat dropped the frequency of migraines in half. Then I started supplementing with about 1000mg of magnesium and they're almost completely gone. The only time I get them now is if I forget to take the magnesium for a couple of days in a row.

    Seriously, get yourself some magnesium and ditch the bowl of cereal completely. If you keep eating wheat every once in a while, you're just prolonging the crappy feeling.
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    My migraines have all-but disappeared since going primal. I had one last month, the first time in six months, and I suspect that it was influenced by A) monthly hormones (always the boogeyman :P) and 2) having eaten a lot of crap over the holidays throwing my system for a wack.

    When I do get migraines, my favorite thing to help deal with it is ginger. Crystallized ginger is what I used to get, but now obviously I want to avoid sugar so I get the pink pickled ginger (like you get at sushi restaurants). I also try to make sure im getting enough vitamin B. For me, a little bit of caffeine also helps. My migraines tend to mostly be nausea-migraines, though, with some ocular effects. Different strains of migraines might react differently to different things.
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    I used to have migraine 3-4 times a month, most of the time with nausea and all that stuff. I just ate nothing until I felt better (which was usually the next day). If it wasn't that bad, I could always eat raw carrots.

    Now, since I started taking magnesium and skip grains and sugar almost completely, I had 2 migraine attacks in 6 months, and only the first one was really bad.

    I was on Topamax, too, but it seemed to make the thing worse, so I just stopped taking it.

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    I used to get migraines quite badly, and occasionally (like every 3 - 4 years) still get them - with the nausea, etc. I do what my grandmother used to, which is as soon as I feel the onset of a migraine, I squeeze a lemon, put the juice into a mug with some almost boiling water and a good teaspoon of honey, stir well and drink. Usually (not always) that stops the migraine in its tracks and I don't have to head for any medication. My grandmother was convinced that the lemon juice "cleansed" the liver - I think the honey was just there to make it palatable .... Haven't had one since going Primal, so I couldn't comment on whether it would make a difference now or not. Don't know why this works for me, or how this works for me, but it would be interesting to find out if it works for anyone else!

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