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Thread: Using a Smart Phone to loose weight

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    Using a Smart Phone to loose weight

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    Just wanted to share an idea that works for me and might work for you too. During the day I use my iPhone to take a picture of each meal and each snack (each and every one!) then every morning I review the previous days pictures before the day starts. Helps keep me on track and mid course corrections as needed. Simple but works for me.

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    yes, I have started doing this too with my digital cam (no iphone..yet!) I think it is easier to see pics than to write it down. I ate a small sweet potato, 1 piece of fish and it looked like a lot in the picture but it was really a small amount. so I dunno. maybe I should write down and take a pic or take the pic farther away so it doesn't look so big lol
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    I use the app "tap & track" on my iphone. It basically keeps track of weight, weight loss goals, and calorie consumption for he novice user. For the more experienced weight management individual it allows you to adjust daily protien, carb, and fat intake to your specific needs - then, as you input each food you eat, it will keep track of how many calories and how many grams of each you have consumed and still need. You can even check in on sugar and sodium - the app has an extensive database of foods - it is rare that I can't find something.

    I'm new to the PB diet, but this app was helpful in losing 30 lbs before discovering this new lifestyle and I hope it continues to be a helpful tool in this new primal lifestyle! So far, so good!

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    I have done this, with a twist. Take a picture of the food you were tempted to eat but didn't or the food you ate but didn't finish (but could have or wanted to). Good visual reminder of what adds up over time.

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    Sorry can't do this, I have a dumb ass phone.....

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