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Thread: Dinner on the go....

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    Dinner on the go....

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    Hello, I'm new to the forum and I couldn't figure out how to post anywhere but here. I'll try to keep this short. I am currently working a full time job as a law clerk during the day and attending 3 hour classes for Law Enforcement at night. I go straight from work to school and I don't get home until around 9pm.
    During the day (breakfast & lunch) I eat hard boiled eggs, fruit, 2 protein shakes, pistachios and a little lunch meat.

    I'm wondering if anyone could give me some ideas for dinner food that I could pack and eat at school during my classroom breaks. Anything I bring will have to be prepared in the morning which is part of why I'm having such a hard time coming up with ideas. I do have access to a refrigerator, so I can keep things in there if they need to be.

    Any advice would be much appreciated. At this point, I'm buying gas station bananas and sometimes beef jerky. Not exactly the most satisfying development.

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    Welcome. When do you plan on beginning a primal lifestyle/diet and why?

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    Need veggies in there somehow! Pack a cooler and take it with you.

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    Take the time on Sunday each week to prep your food, cut up veggies, cook some protein (chicken, beef etc), prepare dressings. Then each morning toss the ingredients you can together (with dressing on the side) and take it with you. I've been doing this for years, even before I discovered Paleo. It makes life easier!
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    salads would be easy - loads of greens in a tupper, throw in some meat (chicken, steak etc...) or my favorite, prosciutto wrapped around raw cheddar...
    You have access to a fridge but what about something to heat up food? if you do, you could always throw some leftovers in there too. If you're strictly looking for finger food type things, cut up some favorite veggies, make some homemade guacamole or salsa to use as a dip. Olives are handy - lettuce wraps work well too, a bit of meat, finely chopped/diced veggies wrapped in a big ole romaine leaf or kale, or chard... I make egg muffins and take them everywhere, but not everyone likes them cold...

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    I always enjoying munchin on cold chicken! as well as a side dish of veggis!
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    Hi there, U could do turkey rollups with asparagus in them. Now I love cold steak and cold turkey. How about also edamame? High protein. Bananas have a high sugar content. Boiled eggs are easy too.

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