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Thread: Primal Journal (cjco)

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    Smile Primal Journal (cjco)

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    In the Making
    Age: 37

    Chrystin’s Goals: “To attain permanent, lasting fitness and well being and, through that victory, finally acknowledge and appreciate my own personal power.”
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    Entry #1

    Wow. I wish it were primarily about my weight. Its not. Although I'm currently carrying about 8-10 pounds more that I'd like to, that is not why I'm here. I'm healthy and strong. I love to lift heavy things and be active (this is starting to sound like a singles ad, LOL). No bread or pasta? Don't miss it. Veggies? LOVE 'em! Grass-fed meat? Uncured bacon? Pastured sausage? Totally...on...board. Hell, my husband is about to go hunt some wild boar for my valentine's day gift!

    While Grok's physique is admirable and I aim to be leaner and even stronger, what I really covet is Grok's primal power and freedom. That's what I hope to come away with at the completion of this journey - the freedom to not feel enslaved to anything. Not a job, a person, an emotion, a memory, a shortcoming, an electronic device, a mirror or a bar of dark chocolate can contain me or my ability to succeed.

    Full-on, bad ass primal. That's what I want. But, I still plan to shave my legs and wear mascara.

    My plan? Be accountable. Right here. Nutrition, training, feelings-the whole mess. I plan to have one post each day that encompasses it all.
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    January 10, 2012
    45 minutes of easy stationary biking this AM
    Nothing makes me feel all Grok-y like a non-traditional breakfast: 2 provolone and salami roll ups (applegate farms), little bit of left over roasted butternut squash and coffee with half and half
    Headed to my first chiropractic visit- C'mon you KNOW Grok would have loved to have someone body slam his primal ass back into alignment after a hard day in the caves.
    Lunch: whole milk latte smothered with cinnamon. If you could snort cinnamon like crack, I'd do it handful macadamia nuts
    Dinner will be girls' night= red wine and mediterannean salad with oil and vinegar after a couple of spoons of wild rice at home.
    Had an awesome extended girls' night with one of my fave people and a couple of limoncellos. I think she paid two guys to hit on me...hard.
    I hope Grok had friends like her<3
    I will be having a decidedly un-Grok short sleep tonight
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    Colorado Springs, CO
    Quote Originally Posted by cjco View Post

    Full-on, bad ass primal. That's what I want. But, I still plan to shave my legs and wear mascara.
    I LOL'd at this part. Bad ass.

    Welcome to this WOL and do it big.
    People too weak to follow their own dreams will always try to discourage others.

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    Quick daily entry for January 11:
    Heinous day that culminated in ER visit for my middle child to rule out meningitis. But, I still managed to shower, get twenty minutes of bike time and be primally awesome. LOL.
    Breakfast: leftover wild rice and the last homemade meatball with lots of homemade tomato sauce. Its really good sauce-like I eat it with a spoon kind of good.
    Dinner: Short Rib with a little risotto at an awesome restaurant with field greens and a glass of red wine.
    Going to!

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    Snow day, so next to zero personal time. Ugh.
    Weight training AM
    Tubing with the kids
    Fasted until 1 PM (wasn't planning it, just wasn't hungry) Lunch was half a plate of salad greens with a chicken breast with melted provolone (leftover rotisserie)
    GOT CRACKED for the first time, along with all of my kids. Since that was at dinner-cooking time, we had planned to do pizza, so....
    let's just chalk up dinner to the 20%, shall we?

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