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Thread: Agave - friend or foe?

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    Agave is 55%-97% fructose, depending on how it&#39;s processed. it cannot be "raw" since you have to cook it to produce the nectar. [b]It is typically higher in fructose than HFCS.</b> It is low on the glycemic scale because it doesn&#39;t have as much glucose as other foods! Is it better for you than sugar? IMO, no. Check it out on wikipedia -

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    I&#39;d back the idea of just abandoning sweets. From a guy that had 6 Pepsis and a pint of Ben and Jerry&#39;s every day (on top of more sweets, cookies, candy and cake than my quivering pancreas cares for me to recall) for years, nay, decades, I understand a sweet tooth and sympathize. But after such a long time Paleo/Primal now, and a complete zeroing of sweets, I can tell you a blueberry is truly an explosion of flavor and sweetness now. Can&#39;t stomach the thought of an M&M.

    Agave is the same poison as corn syrup, consume accordingly.

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    Acmebike, have you eaten cashews lately?

    They literally taste like candy to me now.

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    Pikala, I&#39;ve noticed most nuts are sweet as the dickens, cashews especially so! I really limit nuts, have had most of them eliminated for some time now. Dessicated non-sweetened coconut flakes are super sweet as well. Carb counts of some of this starchy stuff is in line with the sweetness I detect in them. Heck, raw yams *smell* sweet.

    I do enjoy the control I&#39;ve gained by giving up sweets/sugars. I&#39;m not a carbo-phobe, but I sure don&#39;t take in much carbohydrate and am glad to have that monkey off my back.

    Again, Agave is bad.

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    Thanks everyone.

    (I finally figured out that searching mda does not search the forum... found older posts on the topic as well...)

    I think I understand the difference between non-insulin producing but otherwise harmful fructose and insulin producing but in some ways less harmful glucose. Seems the focus on glycemic load is potentially misleading.

    I also understand the processed issue, as well as it being just another way to keep giving into the culturally induced sweet tooth. Guess I just need to keep fighting the good fight to get all truly sweet stuff out of my diet. Still a long way to go!

    Cutting out most non-primal stuff was easy, but I have been hanging onto the last comforts of my old way of eating, and it is harder than I expected to see them go! Not particularly liking meat means that most foods I enjoy eating are conspicuously absent, and no amount of bacon is going to make up for them!

    But of course, I do feel (and look, to play into Mark&#39;s recent post) so much better!

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    &#39;Fructose is treated by the liver almost identically to ethanol, so consuming 15 grams of agave nectar (a few teaspoons) is as hard on the body as drinking one beer. The only major difference between fructose and ethanol is that the brain is unable to recognize fructose at all, while ethanol has quite an effect. So, fructose is, "alcohol without the buzz".&#39;

    That could explain why, after a bit of a binge a while back when I was trying to &#39;minimize the damage&#39; by putting copious amounts of agave on everything rather than plain old sugar, I woke up the next day feeling like my kidneys had taken a serious beating. Wow.

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