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Thread: Growing towards 40

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    Quote Originally Posted by eron View Post
    Day 10

    I'm also reading The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf. I am not a science person, but so far he is making it bearable to read. The humor is also appreciated!
    Hi Eron!

    It looks like you are doing great!

    The Paleo Diet is how I got here too. I was on Amazon several months ago looking for another purchase to get free shipping and stumbled on Robb's book. I'm not sure why I found it. I wasn't looking for a diet and had never heard of paleo or primal, but I'm lucky I did and it's changing my life. I put the eating into practice and started losing weight. Then for no good reason, went back to the Standard American Diet and gained it back.

    Fast forward to the end of the year and I found this site and subscribed. I entered the challenge too! The community here is a fantastic resource and you can google just about any recipe you need.

    I work out using a popular home fitness program. I'm not following it exactly. Fitness is very important, but diet is 80%. (and the part I need the most work on!)

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    Thumbs up

    Eron, great job--I'm especially impressed by people who take on learning to cook at the same time! Speaking of the oven, I love to roast vegetables: just get a big cookie sheet--the kind with edges!--and cut up a variety of veggies--I like zucchini, yellow squash, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, sometimes a tomato. I use just a bit of olive oil and some sea salt and toss the veggies, then roast them at 425 for about 20 minutes. Asparagus takes about 10 minutes. It's not only good with dinner, it's great to have with your eggs in the morning. I also like to add greens--lightly steamed kale or raw spinach, for example. Easy ways to get variety in your veggies.

    Congratulations on your progress so far!


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    Day 15
    My first decision to eat non-primal was made on Saturday night. I had just baked chocolate chip cookies for my two children and niece and nephew who were having an overnight. The house was loud and the cookies were piled high on the plate in front of me. I grabbed a piece of one and ended up eating an entire cookie. That I was able to stop at one is the strength of the primal eating as before going primal I would have eaten cookies until I felt stuffed. And the taste wasn't quite how I remembered it. The cookie had a greasy aftertaste.

    Sunday I recovered and attempted fried zucchini using almond flour and pan seared pork chops. The zucchini flopped and today my stomach has been cramping so I'm guessing the pork chops were a bit undercooked. Needless to say, I am not going to be cooking pork chops for a while!

    Weight yesterday 1/15/12: 198.6

    The weight makes me nervous as I have gotten HERE before, using other methods. But never lower since 2008. I achieved the most recent weight loss last year by exercising a lot and limiting my food. But it didn't last two weeks.

    On Sunday I cooked and prepared the food needed for this week's lunches. Today I went out to a restaurant for lunch with my office - first time eating something someone else has prepared while primal. I ended up eating grilled shrimp w/o marinade and steamed broccoli. Luckily I had almond in my purse to nibble on while the rest of the table dipped bread into cheese and oil.

    I wasn't very upbeat today. The stomach and weather definitely contributed to the poor mood. Up until now though, my depressive tendencies seemed less severe than before my eating change.

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    Day 2
    I went 31 days primal and then lost all of my progress. I have regained all but 3 pounds and have to suffer through the carb flu headaches again. I wish I could have stayed stronger. I think letting myself eat non-primal meals led to my eventual failure. I look forward to days 4 on when I can feel the benefits and the hunger begins to lessen.

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    Hi Eron, Your last post was more than a month ago. Are you still doing Primal?

    Let me encourage you. I have been Primal 18 months and have lost 65 lbs. Sadly, The journey was not linear. I have fallen off and gotten back on the wagon more times than I can count. I think I have finally discovered the right balance of protein, fat and carbs that allows me to stay sane, but still lose weight.

    If you have stopped, give it another try. Make sure you are eating 75+ grams of carb and enough fat and protein for your body. On average I eat 100g fat and 130g protein. I am 5'10" tall and 44 yrs old. I just started weighing 1x/month, because I was making myself crazy. Please feel free to PM me or visit my journal.
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